I have sung in one GALA chorus or another for thirty years. I have attended every GALA festival since 1989: I participated as an alto in a lesbian chorus and as an alto in a mixed chorus, then post-transition as a bass in a mixed chorus and as a baritone in a men’s chorus. Each festival I’ve attended has brought with it an experience of marginalization.

New Harmony Task Force members regularly have conversations with individuals, and chorus committees, who are struggling to convince chorus leaders and chorus members to embrace the important work of Equity, Access and Belonging. We’ve collected and crafted a few ideas for you to try.

Festival is a significant source of carbon emissions. Our estimate of Festival’s carbon footprint is over 1,500 metric tons of carbon emissions or the equivalent of planting 38,615 urban trees. Find tools to help address the carbon impact of your own chorus here!

The Catherine Roma Commission Choirs, conducted by Catherine Roma (she/her) will Performing “Disenfranchised” by Elizabeth Alexander in the July 13 Banned Blockbuster from 9:00 to 10:15PM on the MCC Auditorium Stage.