These suggestions can assist your chorus in creating spaces that are welcoming and supportive of neurodivergent individuals. Many of these suggestions are also relevant for individuals living with mental illness.

The New Harmony Open Table space welcomes all people. BIPOC, transgender and nonbinary individuals, plus friends, allies and anyone seeking resources is welcome at the table and in conversations.

GALA Festival 2024 features four excellent performing venues seating between 1,700-3,500 audience members.

We hope that you will join the GALA Board of Directors for Pinnacle, our Festival fundraising event. The event will include cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, a fabulous live auction, and a keynote address by a guest artist.

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How do you manage your 30 minute chorus set? How do you decide what programming to bring to Festival? Learn answers to those questions and many more.

Videos and resources developed by GALA Choruses to get the word out to singers about Festival.

A list of scenarios to help your chorus consider how it works towards anti-racism