A New Harmony Approach to Intergenerational Dynamics

GALA honors individuals who have served the LGBTQ choral movement.

Minneapolis offers multiple ways to move around the city during Festival 2024.

These five scenarios offer opportunities for your chorus to consider how it relates to mental health and neurodiversity.

The GALA Store at Festival includes a wide variety of branded merchandise as well as merchandise consigned by the participating choruses.

Learn about walking, biking, public transit and driving in Minneapolis

A map of Minneapolis with the venues and hotel options.

A list of considerations for your chorus to think about Mobility Accessibility

This list is intended to help those involved in facilities management for their choruses determine the accessibility of a venue for rehearsal or performance.

Friday, March 12 – During his first national address, President Biden stated that he would tell Americans the truth, he then immediately proceeded to spout the myth of American exceptionalism which is rooted in the lie of white supremacy.