Festival 2024 in Minneapolis

The text "GALA Choruses, the Road to Festival," appears over a white background which fades into a GALA board member interviewing a Festival delegate during 2016 in Denver.

Festival Sponsorship Opportunities

GALA Choruses Festival celebrates more than 15,000 singers representing nearly 200 LGBTQ* choruses in North America and beyond. Festival 2024 choirs will perform at world-class venues in downtown Minneapolis including Orchestra HallThe Minneapolis Convention Center, and Central Lutheran Church.

GALA Choruses Festival offers unique sponsorship opportunities for organizations to connect with the LGBTQ* community. Festival 2016 in Denver, CO, gathered more than 6000 singers in-person and more than 14,000 unique viewers online.

Contact GALA Board Member Abdullah Rasheen Hall (a.k.a. Abby) at abdullahrasheen@gmail.com to learn how you can become a sponsor of Festival 2024!

A brief description of offerings and history of the GALA Choruses organization.

GALA Choruses is the association that binds nearly 200 choruses together.  Founded in the United States, we have expanded throughout North America and the world.  However, the majority of choruses are located in Canada, Mexico and the United States. 

GALA Choruses is perhaps best known for coordinating and hosting a quadrennial Festival.  This signature event, known as the Gala Festival, is held every four years to celebrate over 15,000 singers representing nearly 200 LGBTQA choruses, primarily throughout North America but also world-wide.

GALA Choruses provides a number of ways for you to promote your business while demonstrating your support for choral music and the LGBTQ+ community.