Here are various resources to help choruses function efficiently and effectively. Each chorus works to create a positive experience for our members.

Some common chorus resources include:

  1. Rehearsal Space: Community choruses need a space to rehearse, including church halls, school auditoriums, or community centers. The space should be large enough to accommodate the chorus and provide good acoustics.
  2. Sheet Music: Choruses need sheet music for their repertoire, which can be purchased or borrowed from libraries or other choruses.
  3. Musical Director: A community chorus requires a musical director to lead rehearsals and performances. The musical director should have the expertise and experience to choose the right music for the chorus and guide the singers through the learning process.
  4. Accompanist: A pianist or other instrumentalist is often needed to accompany the singers during rehearsals and performances.
  5. Fundraising: Community choruses often need to raise funds to cover expenses such as rehearsal space, sheet music, and accompanists. Fundraising activities can include concerts, fundraising events, and grant applications.
  6. Promotion: Community choruses need to promote their performances to attract an audience. This can be done through social media, posters, flyers, and word-of-mouth.
  7. Volunteers: Volunteers are often needed to help with tasks such as concert setup, ticket sales, and fundraising activities.
A group of delegates talk around a table at Festival 2016.
Two singers read from a large post-it note on a wall. One of them points at the writing on the post-it.
Several leaders sit at a table during Festival 2016.
Holly Near sings into a microphone at Festival 2016 in Denver.
The GALA Board of Directors stand outside in Minneapolis during the winter.
Melanie Demore sings into a microphone at Festival 2016 in Denver.
A group of Artistic Directors sit in a brightly lit room in Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis.
GALA Board of Directors2
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