Looking for more opportunities for your chorus to perform while you’re in Minneapolis? Festival 2024 hosts various community engagement concerts and Blockbusters for chorus participation.

Wake up and smell the coffee! Festival 2024 hosts seven morning Coffee Concerts representing GALA choruses across the spectrum. These concerts feature multi-disciplinary performances, new commissions and some very unique programming.

Looking for a quick way to time out your proposed concert program?

If you want to learn about resolving conflict you might like this book.

Conversations on Faith and Religion Discussion Handout.

Fifteen years ago, Jan Michael, an alto in my chorus, approached me to share that s/he identified as transgender and was beginning his physical transition by taking testosterone. I was clueless about the process but suggested that we check in every few months for a range check. Within the next year, to my amazement, Jan’s voice moved seamlessly from alto through tenor and eventually settled at a solid bass 2. Aside from learning to read a new clef, he experienced relatively few vocal issues in the process.

The New Harmony Workbook provides a guide for choruses to explore deep conversations surrounding various identities or issues, asking: “Are we doing all we can (as individuals and as an organization) to foster equity, access, and a sense of belonging in our chorus and community?”

This article provides the meanings of the following terms: cultural competence, diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Deadlines for Chorus Leadership performing at Festival 2024.

Deadlines for individuals who are planning to attend to the Festival.