It’s All About Fundraising!

Posted on: January 8th, 2020 by Richard Jung GALA Articles No Comments

I wanted to introduce myself to you – I am Richard Jung, the Executive Director of the Portland Gay Men’s Chorus and GALA Choruses 411 Advisor for Fundraising and Development. I started this position last summer and after a very slow start have finally begun to put together some useful information and tools that will help your chorus better understand how fundraising can help maximize fundraising to your advantage. Having been a fundraiser for well over 25 years now, I believe I have a few insights on how you can become a better fundraising organization and provide you with some commonsense tools that will help you realize your fundraising goals efficiently and effectively.

So how can I help? There are a lot of organizations who have a limited knowledge and/or resources needed to build a successful ongoing fundraising program. If you are a mostly volunteer organization that further limits your ability to spend focused time and energy in putting together a comprehensive strategy that allows you to capture new resources for your organization. What I hope to do over the next year is to provide you with a series of blog posts that explore different topics related to fundraising in general and more specifically – different strategies to successfully implement a sound fundraising program that causes less stress yet maximizes limited resources of time, talent and treasure.

Learn more about GALA’s 411 program here.

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