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GALA 411 Program Basics

The GALA 411 program provides consulting services to member choruses through Skype or Google Hangouts, conference calls, webinars and on-site workshops if absolutely necessary.  The 411 advisors all have extensive experience in their areas and can serve as year-round sources of consulting assistance for our member choruses. 

Any member chorus may request a consultation from the 411 program at any time.

Our 411 advisors take on a variety of consulting assignments.  Our board development advisor deals with board and staff relationship issues, strategic planning, board fundraising responsibilities, and best practices for perpetuating a board. The artistic advisor deals with topics such as repertoire and licensing, programming, AD role and support and orientation for new ADs. The community engagement advisor assists with topics including meaningful chorus engagement in their communities, authentic partnerships, inclusion and diversity and music and cultural appropriation. The fundraising advisor will deal with questions regarding building individual giving, corporate sponsorship and advertising and special events.