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Symposium 2019 Schedule

February 15 - 17, 2019

A full slate of workshops, roundtable discussions and one-on-one advisory sessions start Friday morning and continue through mid-day on Sunday. A list of planned workshops is included below. Further details on the date and time of sessions will be provided as the schedule is finalized.

A Cappella Ensemble Coaching - Deke Sharon

Evoking Tone - Thea Kano

Creating Choirs that Welcome Trans Singers - Erik Peregrine

Individual Conducting Coaching Sessions - Michael Hayden

Advances in Obtaining Copyright Permission for Arrangements - Tim Sarsany

Transformative Community Engagement - Jane Ramseyer Miller

Festival 2020 Chorus Liaison Workshop - Sue Bell

Blended Fundraising: Increasing Donations from Top Donors - Adam Burk

Branding & Video Marketing - Tri Truong

Chorus Management During Artistic Director Transition - Eric Strong & Jeff Heine

Data Driven Fundraising & Ticket Purchases - Adam Burk

Mock Board Meeting - Eve Campbell

Recruiting, Retaining & Maximizing Members - Craig Coogan

You Too Can You Tube - Craig Coogan

New Approaches to Setting a Board Agenda – Eve Campbell

 Festival 2020 Update – Robin Godfrey & Jane Ramseyer Miller