COVID-19 – Update

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Dear GALA Chorus Members:

Things are certainly not what we expected!  As we continue to sit through a pandemic that is having a profound impact on every aspect of daily living here in the United States it is important to keep things in perspective.  These are indeed trying times and many of our organizations are seeing its concert season going up in smoke.  PGMC has already announced the postponement its 40th Anniversary Spring Concert “Reflections” and is beginning to look at the remainder of the season.  Daily pronouncements at the federal, state and local level continues to shape our organizational reality as we move forward.  This is life as we know it in the here and now.

So how do you move forward in these difficult times?  Well the great thing about this is that there are some amazing resources out there to help you out.  I have taken the liberty of putting together a few websites that you can go to and access information that will help you get the answers you need to help address your concerns in real time.  These websites have the most up-to-date information and they continue to add new information as the situation evolves.  Please avail yourself to these wonderful sites.

If you need to touch base and talk I am just an email away – please feel free to reach out.  While I may not have answers to every issue you are facing – I can definitely walk you through your development concerns and recommend folks who can help when I don’t know the answer.  Please email me at


Chorus America

Chorus Connection

National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)

National Council of NonProfits

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