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Wonderful things happen when people get together and focus on their organization, especially in a retreat setting. This experience creates an opportunity to regroup and establish greater clarity and new direction. In my work as GALA Choruses 411 Advisor to Board of Directors, I see this routinely! Whether it’s a group with 25 singers or an umbrella organization with hundreds of members, the results of planning and implementation can be amazing.

I’ve worked with a chorus over the last 3 years that was concerned about decline in audience size, visibility in the community, and finances. Sound familiar? I am amazed by and so proud of this group for tackling their issues. First, they made the connection between outreach and the other two issues and made a commitment to increase their presence in their community. Within their 3 year strategic plan period they more than tripled their outreach efforts, have received awards and recognition for making a difference in their city, and their audience and revenue numbers have grown by leaps and bounds. This didn’t just happen! This started with recognizing there were issues, creating a plan, and working as a team to stay on target with goals and actions.

It takes commitment and determination to stay on target. Board, singers, and staff (if applicable) must suit up and show up. It doesn’t work if everyone isn’t on board with the mission and vision of the organization, or if folks have their heads in the sand about organizational difficulties. One must be fearless, but kind, in tackling the issues within their nonprofit. Status quo is not growth and quickly leads to decline – so don’t settle for status quo!




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