Festival Mobile App

By  GALA Expert 

 May 15, 2024 


GALA Choruses official Festival Mobile App comes from the registration platform Integra, available for iOS and Android.

a hand holds a mobile phone showing a screen of the festival app


How to Use the “Integra Schedule” Mobile App

The free Integra Schedule smartphone app is your personal guide to Festival 2024 and is the tool you need to guarantee that you don’t miss anything you want to see and hear! In addition to the overall Festival schedule, you can create and view your own personal schedule, mark favorite performances and songs, add notes, submit evaluations and get any last-minute updates and other messages. All five days of Festival are jam-packed with events, and this is your navigation tool.

The app is available at no cost in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Search for “Integra schedule.”  

Blackberry, Google and older smartphone users can use the web app version at https://integraschedule.com/

Important: You cannot use the Integra Schedule phone app to register for events or for any Chorus Administrator tasks; you can only do those things through the mainframe Integra Planner system.

The Home Page

You can search the schedule by Day, Location, Performer or Event Category. In addition to search options, you can look at the events you marked as favorites or make notes on performances. There is also a way to view any broadcast messages from GALA. The items on the Dashboard are:

  • 7 days (Officially, Festival lasts for 5 days, but there are “bumper” days for load-in and opening day rehearsals.)
  • Events in 11 categories (color-coded categories like Blockbusters, Workshops, etc.)
  • 208 performers (includes choruses, ADs & conductors, workshop presenters)
  • 29 locations (performance venues, rehearsal rooms, workshop rooms, etc.)
  • Favorites & Notes (like writing in a program book, but easier to carry; need to log-in to use)
  • Messages (announcements, last-minute changes, etc.)

The Menu

Access the menu by tapping on the 3 horizontal bars in the upper-left corner of the home page. The menu options are:

Screenshot from Festival Mobile app, fully explained in body text.
  • Home—tap on the home icon to return to the home page.
  • Refresh—you can refresh the schedule information manually by tapping on this icon (but there’s also a setting for auto-refresh).
  • View the Schedule—by day, category, performer or location.
  • My Account—Log in or out. While it is not required, we highly recommend logging in with your Integra username (email address) and password to view your personal schedule and to use features like Favorites and Notes.
  • Favourites and Notes—Select the particular program you want to mark, then tap on the green Up Arrow in the lower right of the page. You can then add that event to your schedule by tapping on the calendar icon, make notations about the event with the tablet icon, or mark it as a favorite with the heart icon.
  • Preferences—Personalize your app display with these setting switches.
    • Auto Refresh—You should absolutely turn on the Auto-refresh setting so that your schedule is always up to date.
    • Show Event Category—Your choice, on or off.
    • Show Location—Why wouldn’t you want to see the location of events? Turn this on.
    • Show Past Events—Look back on yesterday’s concerts or keep looking ahead.
    • Display—You can sort people listed as Performers by first name or last name.
    • Notifications—Switch this on to receive any broadcast messages from GALA regarding all the Festival events.
  • Purchases—Review your Integra Planner purchases (registration, music, chorus banners, ) Note that you cannot use the phone app to buy merchandise.
  • Messages—See any updates from the GALA staff.
  • Change Event—If you’ve used the Integra Schedule phone app for other GALA Choruses events, you may need to change the Event from a Symposium or past Festival to “Festival 2024 Minneapolis.”
  • Help—There is limited online help information.
  • Support and Feedback—send an email to GALA if you need immediate help with Integra.
Screenshot from Festival Mobile app, fully explained in body text.