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Over 10,000 singers make up the 180 choruses that are a part of the GALA Choruses network. These pages are for you!

If you have suggestions for other tools you would like to see in the Singer section of the Resource Center or would like to contribute something, please contact us at

Chorus Rehearsal
Whether you are new to choral singing or experienced, these pages offer singer tips for the choral rehearsal, rehearsal etiquette, and explores options for ipads and other technology.

Singer Voice
Warm-ups, vocal technique and voice care are a few of the resources in this section.

Transgender Voices
These pages include tips for transitioning voices as well as educational information and guidelines for making your chorus a welcoming place for singers of varied gender identification.

Aging Voice
Getting older? Dr. Stan Hill offers extensive tools in understanding the Aging Voice as well as exercises to keep your voice strong as you get older.

This is your one-stop-spot for resources on diction, language pronunciation and IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet)


Festival 2016 in Denver!

Rev up for Festival 2016 by looking through the Denver 2012 scrapbook.