By  GALA Expert 

 May 27, 2023 


Tips and links for hiring instrumentalists and ASL interpreters at Festival 2024.


The timeframe to request musicians has CLOSED.

Hiring Instrumentalists

As you prepare for your Festival concert set be sure to review these tips.

  • You may bring your own instrumentalists or request musicians through GALA’s Minneapolis instrumentalist contractor. The basic cost for a union instrumentalist is $375 including your performance and up to 2 hours of rehearsal. Cartage fees are $35.
  • Plan any instrumentation with the acoustics of your performance hall in mind and be ready for unknowns in amplification and sound reinforcement.
  • Your tech rehearsal on stage is not a space to rehearse for your performance since the time is so limited. See notes below on this page for scheduling a rehearsal space.
  • GALA will pay each instrumentalist hired at Festival. Your instrumentalist invoice will appear in your chorus Integra account by July 31.

If you are looking to hire an ASL interpreter, those are listed on the ASL page.

à la carte Instrumentalist Requests

The menu below outlines the costs to hire local Twin Cities instrumentalists for your Festival performance. All instrumental performers will be active members of the American Federation of Musicians, Local 30-73. Costs below are per instrumentalist. Instrumentalist requests open on December 15, 2023 and are due by February 1, 2024. Requests for instrumentalists after February 1 will be filled depending on availability of instrumentalists.

IMPORTANT: make sure you follow this form all the way to the end (after you upload your scores) and hit SUBMIT!

Chorus or Ensemble Concert (up to 30-minute performance within a longer concert)
One rehearsal (up to 2 hours)
One performance

Coffee Concert (1-hour performance)
One rehearsal (up to 2 hours)
One tech rehearsal (up to 1 hour)
One performance

Any player asked to perform on more than one instrument in the same program.
25% more per additional instrument
(different rates apply for percussion doubling – call for custom quote)

Percussion rental needs should be communicated with GALA (or Conor O’Brien) directly and a custom quote will be provided, taking into account cartage, rental, doubling, and any other fees associated with percussion needs. Conor O’Brien and a percussion specialist will work together to source and provide any instruments needed.

A supplement of $175 applies to booking a harpist for any type of concert.

Large Ensembles
Any ensemble of 8 instrumentalists or more will require a custom quote. Please supply exact needs, including numbers of players desired, instrumentation, rehearsal lengths, and any other relevant information.

For more information contact:
Conor O’Brien, DMA
Orchestra Contractor

Rehearsal Space Rental

Choirs may book an optional rehearsal space in Minneapolis prior to your performance for $120 per hour. Rehearsal time may be reserved in 30-min blocks with a maximum of 3 hours. Your rehearsal space rental includes water service, piano or keyboard, chairs, and one music stand. Additional music stands and a drum kit may be requested. Reserve rehearsal space through the Integra app.