Chorus and Ensemble Registration

By  GALA Expert 

 May 10, 2023 

GALA Choruses uses Integra Planner to manage Festival registration. This is a step-by-step guide to registering your chorus or small group (ensemble.)

A stylized line drawing of a bird made from a treble clef, and staff paper


To register a chorus or small ensemble for Festival 2024 Minneapolis, you must be designated as a Chorus Administrator for your chorus/ensemble in our Integra Planner software, and the chorus’ membership dues must be current.

For the purposes of the Festival, a CHORUS is defined as a member organization of GALA Choruses in good standing, with at least 12 singers. An ENSEMBLE is defined as a sub-group of a member chorus. There is a LIMIT of 2 ensemble registrations per parent member chorus.

The Integra Planner system is our integrated database, financial management, event planning & registration, and membership software. So, updating your chorus’ Integra record is important when any chorus information changes.

Download an illustrated and printable PDF of these instructions.

How to Register Your Chorus or Ensemble for
GALA Festival 2024 in Minneapolis

  1. Log in to Integra at using your personal email address as your username (that is, and not, scroll down to the “Membership” section and verify that your chorus(es) and ensemble(s) are listed and that you are shown as an Administrator. If you are not shown as being an Administrator for your chorus, contact Sue Bell at to get it ironed out.
  2. When you log into Integra, your home page is your Personal Dashboard. You need to move to your Administrator Dashboard to perform chorus administrative tasks. You can either click on the link in the top green menu bar or open the ‘Quicklinks’ menu to navigate to your Administrator Dashboard.
  3. On the Administrator Dashboard, scroll down to the section for your chorus and click the green “Register” button under the Festival 2024 Minneapolis heading.
  4. You’ll now be prompted to review your chorus information in the database. Click on the “Organization Details” button and review the data fields, updating any data as needed. Be sure to SAVE any changes as you go through the data.
  5. After reviewing the chorus data, click the green “Save and Next” button.
  6. If membership dues are not current, you’ll be prompted to renew your membership with a green “Membership dues” button. If it is active and green, click on it and catch up on dues before returning to the registration process. When you’re ready to come back to complete registration, login and again click on the green “Register” button on your Administrator Dashboard (see step 3).
  7. After your chorus profile is updated, the next step in registration is to complete the Registration Questionnaire for your chorus or ensemble. Click the green “Questionnaire” button to continue.
  8. Now you’re ready to purchase a registration for your chorus and any ensembles (finally!). Click the green “Order” button under “Purchase registration.
  9. You can only purchase one Chorus Registration, but you may also purchase up to two Ensemble Registrations. Check the box for your Chorus Registration and enter the number of Ensemble Registrations (the default is 0) you wish to buy. Integra will keep a running total. You don’t have to select any optional purchase items when you register – you can always consider the options and return to buy them later. Be sure to purchase a registration, though. When you’re sure of your purchases, click the green “Confirm” button at the bottom of the page.
  10. You’ll now be directed to the Payment page. You do not have to pay immediately but know that your chorus registration is incomplete until payment is received.
  11. To pay online with a credit card, select the “Pay” button and enter the credit card information as prompted. Select the “Pay Offline” button to pay by check and mail GALA Choruses, PO Box 99998, Pittsburgh, PA 15233. The “Chorus will pay” button only applies to individual delegate purchases, not to chorus registrations. 12. If you have questions or hit any obstacles, contact Sue at THANK YOU.