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 May 27, 2023 


Festival 2024 hosts just under 200 concerts in 5 days! Check this page for details as the schedule unfolds.

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Festival 2024 Overview

Festival has so much to offer! This overview gives a general picture of what your time at Festival has in store. For more specific schedule information, scroll down for a detailed schedule—search by chorus, venue, date, etc.

Note that most choruses attending Festival 2024 have a Tech Rehearsal scheduled on opening day, July 10. Plan your travel accordingly. July 10 is full of outdoor Minnesota Mosaic events in Peavey Plaza, Ensemble Concerts, and Festival Chorus rehearsals.

Festival Delegates can access the full schedule from a smartphone with the Integra Planner Schedule App, available for most mobile devices.

For a detailed, searchable schedule that includes all choruses and events at Festival, scroll down to the bottom of the page, or click here:


Wednesday, July 10
StartEndEvent TitleVenue
10:00 AM5:00 PMFestival Chorus Rehearsals and Tech RehearsalsAll venues
12:00 PM6:00 PMMinnesota Mosaic
Bands and performers from across the Twin Cities, along with food trucks and interactive art displays!
Peavey Plaza
1:00 PM4:00 PMDeke Sharon Ensemble MasterclassHyatt Regency Room
5:00 PM6:00 PMRise Up, Together Again!
Festival 2024 officially opens with over 7,000 local and visiting singers raising our voices together for the first time in 8 years!
Peavey Plaza
6:00 PM10:00 PMMinnesota Mosaic
6:00 PM—d’Lakes
7:00 pm—
8:00 pm—
Roxie Hall Band and women’s dance – all welcome!
9:00 PM—
Emmy Woods and the Red Pine Ramblers
Peavey Plaza
6:30 PM10:30 PMEnsemble Concerts 1MCC Ballroom A
6:30 PM7:45 PMMni Sota ConfluenceOrchestra Hall
8:15 PM9:30 PMMni Sota Confluence (Repeated)Orchestra Hall
8:00 PM9:00 PMWomen's Dance with the Roxxy Hall BandPeavey Plaza
8:30 PMcloseFestival Opening PartyThe Saloon
Thursday, July 11
StartEndEvent TitleVenue
9:00 AM10:00 AMEvery Body – Twin Cities Gay Men's ChorusOrchestra Hall
9:00 AM10:15 AMWorkshop SessionsHilton Meeting Rms
11:00 AM1:00 PMDeke Sharon Ensemble MasterclassHyatt Regency Room
10:30 AM11:30 AMStronger Together – Coffee ConcertMCC Auditorium
10:30 AM11:45 AMWorkshop SessionsHilton Meeting Rms
12:00 PM2:45 PMNew Harmony WorkshopsSee Integra App
12:30 PM2:30 PMChorus Concerts 1
Central Lutheran Church
12:30 PM2:30 PMChorus Concerts 1MCC Auditorium
12:00 PM2:30 PMChorus Concerts 1Orchestra Hall
2:00 PM5:00 PMDeke Sharon Ensemble MasterclassWestminster Hall
3:30 PM6:00 PMChorus Concerts 2Central Luthern Church
3:30 PM5:30 PMChorus Concerts 2MCC Auditorium
3:30 PM6:00 PMChorus Concerts 2Orchestra Hall
7:00 PM10:15 PMEnsemble Concerts 2MCC Ballroom A
7:15 PM8:30 PMPeace of Wild Things – Blockbuster
Central Lutheran Church
9:00 PM10:15 PMLegacy – BlockbusterMCC Auditorium
Friday, July 12
StartEndEvent TitleVenue
9:00 AM10:00 AMTattoo Monologues – ANNA Crusis Feminist ChorusOrchestra Hall
9:00 AM10:15 AMWorkshop SessionsHilton Meeting Rms
10:30 AM11:30 AMLetters to Our Children – Coro AllegroMCC Auditorium
10:30 AM11:45 AMWorkshop Sessions Hilton Meeting Rms
12:00 PM1:15 PMNew Harmony WorkshopsMCC 101A
12:00 PM2:30 PMChorus Concerts 3
Central Lutheran Church
12:30 PM2:30 PMChorus Concerts 3MCC Auditorium
12:00 PM2:30 PMChorus Concerts 3Orchestra Hall
3:30 PM6:00 PMChorus Concerts 4
Central Lutheran Church
3:30 PM6:00 PMChorus Concerts 4MCC Auditorium
3:30 PM6:00 PMChorus Concerts 4Orchestra Hall
6:30 PM8:30 PMPinnacle Fundraiser
Hilton Symphony Ballroom
7:00 PM10:00 PMChoral Carnival

45-60 minute FREE rotating performances across downtown Minneapolis showcasing Twin Cities’ artists and visiting GALA choruses.

See the
Festival Mobile app or Choral Carnival webpage for details.
Saturday, July 13
StartEndEvent TitleVenue
9:00 AM10:00 AMPortraits – GMC Washington DCOrchestra Hall
9:00 AM10:15 AMWorkshop SessionsHilton Meeting Rms
10:30 AM11:30 AMMy Body, My Voice – Denver Women's Chorus
Central Lutheran Church
10:30 AM11:45 AMWorkshop SessionsHilton Meeting Rms
12:30 PM2:30 PMChorus Concerts 5
Central Lutheran Church
12:00 PM2:30 PMChorus Concerts 5MCC Auditorium
12:00 PM2:30 PMChorus Concerts 5Orchestra Hall
12:00 PM3:45 PMNew Harmony WorkshopsMCC 101A
3:30 PM6:00 PMChorus Concerts 6MCC Auditorium
3:30 PM6:00 PMChorus Concerts 6MCC Ballroom A
3:30 PM6:00 PMChorus Concerts 6Orchestra Hall
7:00 PM10:15 PMEnsemble Concerts 3MCC Ballroom A
7:15 PM8:30 PMHarmonies of the Sphere – BlockbusterOrchestra Hall
9:00 PM10:15 PMBanned! – BlockbusterMCC Auditorium
Sunday, July 14
StartEndEvent TitleVenue
9:00 AM11:30 AMNew Harmony Open TableMCC 101A
9:00 AM10:15 AMWorkshop SessionsHilton Meeting Rms
10:00 AM11:30 AMPhoenix Rising – Atlanta Women's ChorusMCC Auditorium
10:30 AM11:45 AMWorkshop SessionsHilton Meeting Rms
11:00 AM2:15 PMEnsemble Concerts 4MCC Ballroom A
12:00 PM2:30 PMChorus Concerts 7MCC Auditorium
12:00 PM2:30 PMChorus Concerts 7Orchestra Hall
1:30 PM2:45 PMNew Harmony WorkshopsMCC 101A
2:30 PM5:30 PMChorus Concerts 8
Central Lutheran Church
3:30 PM6:00 PMChorus Concerts 8MCC Auditorium
3:00 PM5:30 PMChorus Concerts 8MCC Ballroom A
3:30 PM6:00 PMChorus Concerts 8Orchestra Hall
7:30 PM9:00 PMRise Up Singing – Festival Closing ConcertMCC Auditorium
9:00 PM12:00 AMFestival 2024 Closing PartyEAGLE|MPLS

Detailed Schedule

Use the table’s search function below to find a specific chorus, date, or venue. Note that most choruses attending Festival 2024 have a Tech Rehearsal scheduled on opening day, July 10. Plan your travel accordingly. July 10 is full of outdoor events in Peavey Plaza, Ensemble Concerts, and Festival Chorus rehearsals.

Concerts that are ASL interpreted can be identified by using * in the search box below.


Wed7/1012:00 PMMCC 101ANeurodivergent Affinity Group Gathering
Wed7/103:00 PMMCC 101AStraight Allies Affinity Group Gathering
Wed7/101:00 PMMCC 101AHIV+ Affinity Group Gathering
Wed7/1012:00 PMPeavey PlazaMinnesota MosaicFind performer schedule under “programming” on website
Wed7/105:00 PMPeavey PlazaFestival Opening: Rise Up, Together Again!All Festival delegates, Multae Voces Festival Chorus
Wed7/106:30 PMOrchestra HallBlockbuster Concert: Mni Sota Confluence! *See Integra Planner
Wed7/108:15 PMOrchestra HallBlockbuster Concert: Mni Sota Confluence! (repeated)See Integra Planner
Wed7/106:30 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 1Counterpoint
Wed7/106:45 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 1ENCORE!
Wed7/107:15 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 1 *7th Son
Wed7/107:30 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 1Vox Dominae *
Wed7/107:45 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 1On That Note!
Wed7/108:00 PMPeavey Plaza StageWomen’s Dance Affinity Group Gathering
Wed7/108:00 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 1Phoenix, Colorado’s Trans Community Choir
Wed7/108:15 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 1Illuminati
Wed7/108:30 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 1 *The Coastliners
Wed7/108:45 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 1Resonate
Wed7/109:00 PMHyatt Hotel, Regency RoomBlack, Indigenous and all People of Color Affinity Group Gathering
Wed7/109:00 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 1Desperate Measures
Wed7/109:15 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 1Prism (Delaware)
Wed7/109:30 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 1Panache
Wed7/109:45 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 1Pitch Crew
Wed7/1010:00 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 1Take Note (Denver)
Wed7/1010:15 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 1Off Kilter
Wed7/105:00 PMPeavey PlazaGALA Festival 2024 Opening
Thu7/119:00 PMMCC AuditoriumBlockbuster Concert: Legacy *See Integra Planner
Thu7/117:15 PMCentral LutheranBlockbuster Concert: Peace of Wild Things *See Integra Planner
Thu7/1112:30 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 1Queer Chorus of San Francisco
Thu7/111:00 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 1New Jersey GMC
Thu7/111:30 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 1PRISM Gay Men and Allies Chorus
Thu7/112:00 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 1 *Sistrum Lansing WC
Thu7/1112:30 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 1Denver GMC
Thu7/111:00 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 1Quire of Eastern Iowa
Thu7/111:30 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 1Silicon Valley GMC
Thu7/112:00 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 1GAPA Men’s Chorus
Thu7/1112:00 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 1Chicago GMC
Thu7/1112:30 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 1 *West Coast Singers
Thu7/111:00 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 1 *North Coast MC
Thu7/111:30 PMMCC 101AWorkshop: Celebrating Diversity: Beating Minority StressR. Scott Boots, MPA, Presenter
Thu7/111:30 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 1CHARIS – The St. Louis WC
Thu7/112:00 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 1 *Modern Men
Thu7/113:30 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 2OUTside VoicesKC
Thu7/114:00 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 2Hartford GMC
Thu7/114:30 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 2MenAlive
Thu7/115:00 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 2Rainbow Chorale of Delaware
Thu7/115:30 PMMCC 101ABi/Pan/Poly Affinity Group Gathering
Thu7/115:30 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 2 *Phoenix Women’s Chorus
Thu7/113:30 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 2 *Portland Lesbian Choir
Thu7/114:00 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 2GMC of Tampa Bay
Thu7/114:30 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 2 *Gateway MC of St. Louis
Thu7/115:00 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 2 *Trans Chorus Los Angeles
Thu7/113:30 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 2Rainbow Harmony Project
Thu7/114:00 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 2Oakland GMC
Thu7/114:30 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 2Philadelphia Voices of Pride
Thu7/115:00 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 2Rainbow Women’s Chorus
Thu7/115:30 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 2Atlanta GMC
Thu7/117:30 AMHyatt Hotel, Regency RoomRecovery Meetings Affinity Group Gathering
Thu7/119:00 AMHilton Conrad DWorkshop: Peer to Peer FundraisingJohn D Carrion, Presenter
Thu7/119:00 AMHilton Conrad AWorkshop: Vocal Percussion & Vocal InstrumentsDeke Sharon, Presenter
Thu7/119:00 AMMCC Ballroom AWorkshop: School Engagement Through Song and StoriesMitch Galli and Sam Bullington, Presenters
Thu7/119:00 AMHilton Conrad BWorkshop: Board Roles and ResponsibilitiesToni Capra, Presenter
Thu7/119:00 AMOrchestra HallCoffee Concert: Every BodyTwin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus
Thu7/1110:30 AMWestminster Great HallWorkshop: Cantus: Collaborative RehearsalsCantus, Presenters
Thu7/1110:30 AMHilton Conrad DWorkshop: Marketing RoundtableJohn D Carrion and Michael Danz, Presenters
Thu7/1110:30 AMHilton Conrad AWorkshop: Lead A Sectional Like A BossNikki Blackmer, Presenter
Thu7/1110:30 AMHilton Conrad BWorkshop: Fearless FundraisingToni Capra, Presenter
Thu7/1110:30 AMMCC AuditoriumCoffee Concert: Stronger TogetherSan Diego GMC &
Coro Gay Ciudad de Mexico
Thu7/1112:00 PMNew Harmony RoomNew Harmony Open Table
Thu7/1112:00 PMMCC 101AWorkshop: BIPOC Leadership: Report and PanelAsh Shirazi, Presenter
Thu7/117:00 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 2Canyon Echoes
Thu7/117:15 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 2Harmonic Vibrations
Thu7/117:30 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 2Qwerty Queer (Ukraine)
Thu7/117:45 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 2Hot Flashes *
Thu7/118:00 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 2HarMANY
Thu7/118:15 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 2TRANScendent
Thu7/118:30 PMMCC 101AIndigenous Affinity Group Gathering
Thu7/118:30 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 2Chroma
Thu7/118:45 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 2Bruce Kenyon’s The Arrangement *
Thu7/119:00 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 2Polyphonics
Thu7/119:15 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 2Inner Harmony *
Thu7/119:30 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 2New Mexico QTones
Thu7/119:45 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 2Take Note (Austin)
Thu7/1110:00 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 2Tropical Wave
Thu7/116:00 PMHyatt RegencyLegacy Awards Banquet
Thu7/119:00 AMHyatt RegencyWorkshops 1
Fri7/127:30 PMMCC Ballroom AChoral Carnival – Queer Beer Choir
Fri7/128:30 PMCentral LutheranChoral Carnival – Queer Gospel Choir
Fri7/127:00 PMMCC 101HChoral Carnival – Choral Cinema Film Festival
Fri7/127:00 PMPeavey PlazaChoral Carnival – Outdoor PerformancesMinnesota Choirs
Fri7/128:00 PMThe Seasons – 2nd FloorChoral Carnival – The Threshold Choir: Intro and Song Bath Offerings
Fri7/127:00 PMThe Seasons – 2nd FloorChoral Carnival – Sound Healing
Fri7/127:00 PMRegency RoomChoral Carnival
Fri7/128:30 PMWestminster Rec RoomYouth Dance
Fri7/127:00 PMWestminster Rec RoomChoral Carnival – Line Dancing
Fri7/127:00 PMMCC Lobby & New Harmony RoomChoral Carnival – HIV Testing and Info
Fri7/127:00 PMMCC LobbyTarot Readings
Fri7/127:00 PMMCC LobbyChoral Carnival – ACF Meet the Composer Showcase
Fri7/127:00 PMWestminster HallChoral Carnival – TransFusion Cabaret
Fri7/1212:00 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 3Grand Rapids WC *
Fri7/1212:30 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 3Quarryland MC *
Fri7/121:00 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 3Diversity: The Voices of Sarasota *
Fri7/121:30 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 3LanSINGout Chorus
Fri7/122:00 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 3OurSong (Atlanta)
Fri7/1212:30 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 3Phoenix GMC
Fri7/121:00 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 3Calliope WC
Fri7/121:30 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 3Renaissance City Choir *
Fri7/122:00 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 3Columbus GMC
Fri7/1212:00 PMMCC 101AWorkshop: New Harmony Workbook I & IIReid Vanderburgh, Maria-Elena Grant and Anthony Cabrera, Presenters
Fri7/1212:00 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 3River City Mixed Chorus
Fri7/1212:30 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 3New Mexico GMC
Fri7/121:00 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 3One Voice Chorus – Charlotte
Fri7/121:30 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 3Heartland Men’s Chorus Kansas City
Fri7/122:00 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 3Kansas City Women’s Chorus
Fri7/123:30 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 4GMC of Charlotte *
Fri7/124:00 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 4WC of Charlotte *
Fri7/124:30 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 4Steel City MC
Fri7/125:00 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 4Appalachian Equality TB Chorus
Fri7/125:30 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 4Nashville in Harmony
Fri7/123:30 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 4One Voice MC *
Fri7/124:00 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 4Maine GMC
Fri7/124:30 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 4Sacramento WC *
Fri7/125:00 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 4Sacramento GMC
Fri7/125:30 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 4Lavender Light
Fri7/123:30 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 4 *San Diego WC
Fri7/124:00 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 4Dayton GMC
Fri7/124:30 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 4Out Loud Chorus – Michigan
Fri7/125:00 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 4Council Oak Men’s Chorale
Fri7/125:30 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 4GMC of Los Angeles
Fri7/127:30 AMHyatt Hotel, Regency RoomRecovery Meetings Affinity Group Gatherings
Fri7/1210:30 AMHilton Conrad DWorkshop: Communications Needs & Strategies Between Board & ChorusEve Campbell, Presenter
Fri7/1210:30 AMHilton Conrad AWorkshop: A Workshop for Accompanists!Beth De Boer, Presenter
Fri7/1210:30 AMHilton Conrad BWorkshop: Building A Development PlanStephen McCoy, Presenter
Fri7/1210:30 AMHilton Conrad CWorkshop: Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Chorus MembersReid Vanderburgh, Presenter
Fri7/1210:30 AMMCC AuditoriumCoffee Concert: Letters to Our ChildrenCoro Allegro
Fri7/129:00 AMOrchestra HallCoffee Concert: Tattoo Monologues *Anna Crusis Feminist Choir
Fri7/1212:00 PMNew Harmony RoomNew Harmony Open Table
Fri7/126:30 PMHilton Conrad BPinnacle Fundraiser
Fri7/128:30 PMWestminster Recreation RoomYouth Dance (age 18 and younger) Affinity Group Gathering
Fri7/128:30 PMWestminster HallTrans, Nonbinary, and Intersex Affinity Group Gathering
Fri7/128:00 PMHilton Conrad BPinnacle Private Reception
Fri7/129:00 AMHilton Conrad DWorkshop: Keys to an Effective, No Drama BoardCatherine Dehoney and Steve Smith, Presenters
Fri7/129:00 AMHyatt Hotel, Regency RoomHIV+ Affinity Group Gathering
Fri7/129:00 AMHilton Conrad AWorkshop: Tone Policing: How to Teach Technique Without Silencing VoicesClelyn Chapin, Presenter
Fri7/129:00 AMMCC BallroomSchool Engagement Demo
Fri7/129:00 AMHilton Conrad BWorkshop: Audience DevelopmentToni Capra, Presenter
Fri7/129:00 AMHilton Conrad CWorkshop: The “Invisible I” Intersex in the Context of the LGBTQIA+ Choral CommunityMichael Kreuzer, Sam Bullington and Sharon Preves, Presenters
Sat7/139:00 PMMCC AuditoriumBlockbuster Concert: Banned! *See Integra Planner
Sat7/137:15 PMOrchestra HallBlockbuster Concert: Harmonies of the Sphere *See Integra Planner
Sat7/1312:30 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 5Calgary MC
Sat7/131:00 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 5Jubilate! (WC of Corvallis)
Sat7/131:30 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 5Harrisburg GMC
Sat7/132:00 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 5The Choral Project
Sat7/1312:00 PMMCC 101AWorkshop: Developing a Supportive ASL Interpreter CommunityDouglas Braun, MSSA, Presenter
Sat7/1312:00 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 5Austin GMC *
Sat7/1312:30 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 5Sing Out Detroit
Sat7/131:00 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 5Rochester GMC
Sat7/131:30 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 5 *Palm Springs GMC
Sat7/132:00 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 5 *MUSE & Cincinnati MC
Sat7/1312:00 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 5VOICES of Kentuckiana *
Sat7/1312:30 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 5New Mexico WC *
Sat7/131:00 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 5Las Vegas MC
Sat7/131:30 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 5Sage Singers
Sat7/132:30 PMMCC 101AWorkshop: Equity, Access & Belonging: New Harmony Chorus Panel
Sat7/132:00 PMMCC 101AWorkshop: Beginning New Harmony: One Choir’s Journey towards Equity, Access, and BelongingEmily Broadrick, Presenter
Sat7/132:00 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 5Philadelphia GMC *
Sat7/133:30 PMMCC BallroomChorus Concert 6Triangle GMC
Sat7/134:00 PMMCC BallroomChorus Concert 6Chinese Gay Choir & Shenzhen WuTong Chorus
Sat7/134:30 PMMCC BallroomChorus Concert 6Buffalo GMC
Sat7/135:00 PMMCC BallroomChorus Concert 6Empire City MC
Sat7/135:30 PMMCC 101AAsexual/Aromantic Social Affinity Group Gathering
Sat7/135:30 PMMCC BallroomChorus Concert 6G-Major Chorus
Sat7/133:30 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 6Common Woman Chorus
Sat7/134:00 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 6Des Moines GMC
Sat7/134:30 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 6Harmony (Colorado)
Sat7/135:00 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 6Rhode Island GMC
Sat7/135:30 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 6Seattle MC
Sat7/133:30 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 6Orlando Gay Chorus *
Sat7/134:00 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 6Boise GMC
Sat7/134:30 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 6Triad Pride Performing Arts
Sat7/135:00 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 6Triad Pride MC
Sat7/135:30 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 6Portland GMC *
Sat7/137:30 AMHyatt Hotel, Regency RoomRecovery Meetings Affinity Group Gatherings
Sat7/1310:30 AMWestminster HallWorkshop: Key of TAri Agha, Presenter
Sat7/1310:30 AMHilton Conrad AWorkshop: The Single Most Important Indicator of A Thriving ChorusJoan Garry, Presenter
Sat7/1310:30 AMHilton Conrad CWorkshop: Global Alliance of Queer ChoirsCharles Beale, Martin Brophy, Hsien Chew and Oscar Urtusástegui, Presenters
Sat7/1310:30 AMHilton Conrad DWorkshop: Sexual Harassment & Leadership ResponseEve Campbell, Presenter
Sat7/1310:30 AMHilton Conrad BWorkshop: 501(c)3’s: The Five Things that Most Often Get Them in TroubleDouglas Althauser, Esq, Presenter
Sat7/1310:30 AMCentral LutheranCoffee Concert: My Body, My Voice *Denver Women’s Chorus
Sat7/139:00 AMOrchestra HallCoffee Concert: Portraits *Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, DC
Sat7/137:00 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 3The Heartaches
Sat7/137:15 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 3Heartsong
Sat7/137:30 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 3OVation!
Sat7/137:45 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 3NYCGMC TONEWALL
Sat7/138:00 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 3Cascade
Sat7/138:15 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 3Vocal InFusion
Sat7/138:30 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 3River’s Edge
Sat7/138:45 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 3Reverb
Sat7/139:15 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 3TerraVox/Turtle Creek Dance Company
Sat7/139:30 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 3Influence
Sat7/139:45 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 3HomoPhonics
Sat7/1310:00 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 3The Lollipop Guild
Sat7/139:00 AMHilton Conrad DWorkshop: Evaluation is Not a Dirty WordEve Campbell, Presenter
Sat7/139:00 AMHilton Conrad BWorkshop: Navigating Dance in the Choral ConcertC. Nicholas Morris, Presenter
Sat7/139:00 AMHilton Conrad CWorkshop: Letters Workshop: Voices Across GenerationsMimi Lemay, Sam Brinton, Andrea Clearfield and David Hodgkins, Presenters
Sat7/1312:00 PMNew Harmony RoomNew Harmony Open Table
Sat7/139:00 AMHyatt RegencyWorkshops 3
Sun7/147:30 PMMCC AuditoriumBlockbuster Concert: Rise Up Singing! *See Integra Planner
Sun7/1412:00 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 7Pride Chorus Houston
Sun7/1412:30 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 7Confluence (Willamette Valley)
Sun7/141:00 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 7New Orleans GMC
Sun7/141:30 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 7Chinese Gay Choir & Shenzhen WuTong Chorus
Sun7/142:00 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 7Golden Gate MC
Sun7/1412:00 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 7Vikerlased
Sun7/1412:30 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 7Our Voice Milwaukee
Sun7/141:00 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 7Perfect Harmony Chorus
Sun7/141:30 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 7Key of Q (Hudson Valley)
Sun7/142:00 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 7Seattle WC
Sun7/142:30 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 8Qwerty Queer Choir (Ukraine)
Sun7/142:45 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 8G-Major Chorus (Taiwan)
Sun7/143:00 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 8Coloratura of the TCC
Sun7/143:30 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 8Eugene GMC
Sun7/144:00 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 8Sine Nomine – CL/OH
Sun7/144:30 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 8GMC of South Florida *
Sun7/145:00 PMCentral LutheranChorus Concert 8Turtle Creek Chorale
Sun7/143:30 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 8The Friends of Dorothy
Sun7/144:00 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 8Windy City Gay Chorus *
Sun7/144:30 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 8Windy City Treble Quire *
Sun7/145:00 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 8Choral Spectrum KC
Sun7/145:30 PMMCC AuditoriumChorus Concert 8San Francisco GMC
Sun7/143:30 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 8Puget Soundworks
Sun7/144:00 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 8Asheville GMC
Sun7/144:30 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 8New Wave Singers of Baltimore *
Sun7/145:00 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 8Reveille MC
Sun7/145:30 PMOrchestra HallChorus Concert 8New York City GMC
Sun7/147:30 AMHyatt Hotel, Regency RoomRecovery Meetings Affinity Group Gathering
Sun7/1410:30 AMHilton Conrad AWorkshop: Masterclass for the Trans VoiceVictoria Vargas and Devin Dolquist, Presenters
Sun7/1410:30 AMHilton Conrad CWorkshop: Vocal Health for Senior SingersJessica Steuver, Presenter
Sun7/1410:30 AMMCC AuditoriumCoffee Concert: Phoenix RisingAtlanta Women’s Chorus
Sun7/1411:00 AMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 4Vox
Sun7/1411:15 AMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 4OutLoud & Menage *
Sun7/1411:30 AMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 4The Rainbeaus
Sun7/1411:45 AMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 4OutLoud! (Twin Cities)
Sun7/1412:00 PMNew Harmony RoomNew Harmony Open Table
Sun7/1412:00 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 4Nothing But Treble & Spectrum *
Sun7/1412:15 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 4Brotherly Love *
Sun7/1412:30 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 4Iris
Sun7/1412:45 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 4Bel Canto
Sun7/141:00 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 4Inner VOICES *
Sun7/141:15 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 4Sorellanza
Sun7/141:30 PMMCC 101AWorkshop: Creating a New “We”Reid Vanderburgh, Presenter
Sun7/141:30 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 4TCGMC Chamber Singers
Sun7/141:45 PMMCC BallroomEnsemble Concert 4Potomac Fever / Rock Creek Singers / Season of Love *
Sun7/149:00 AMHilton Conrad DWorkshop: Putting It Together: FUNdamental Chorus Orientation and Retention StrategiesDoug Cureton, Presenter
Sun7/149:00 AMHilton Conrad BWorkshop: Harmony in Diversity: Crafting Authentic Brands for LGBTQIA+ ChorusesShawn Cullen, Brandon Shelton, Mitch Weber and Dudley Hogue, Presenters
Sun7/149:00 AMHilton Conrad CWorkshop: Bi+ Essentials & AllyshipBisexual Organizing Project, Presenters
Sun7/143:00 PMMCC BallroomChorus Concert 8Youth Pride Chorus
Sun7/143:00 PMMCC BallroomChorus Concert 8Bridging Voices Youth Chorus
Sun7/143:30 PMMCC BallroomChorus Concert 8Out Loud: Colorado Springs Men’s Chorus
Sun7/144:00 PMMCC BallroomChorus Concert 8
Sun7/144:30 PMMCC BallroomChorus Concert 8GenOUT Youth Chorus *
Sun7/145:00 PMMCC BallroomChorus Concert 8Major Minors

Festival Streaming

Excited about so many concert options? You don’t need to miss a thing at Festival 2024! All performances will be live streamed AND available after the event—get your Streaming Pass today: