Calliope Women’s Chorus

Calliope Women’s Chorus

Minneapolis, MN, USA

Artistic Director

Krystal Stark

Executive Director


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Calliope Women’s Chorus, founded in 1976, is the second oldest feminist chorus in the United States. Calliope held its first self-produced concert in 1982 and continues to offer at least two full concert programs per season plus several community performances. In 1992, Calliope incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Calliope members are lesbian, bisexual, queer, straight and more. Our concert themes and programming promote social change by increasing awareness about the subject of each concert and “keeping hope alive” for the people who work for change.

We commission new works by women composers and arrangers, and perform works of women musicians of the past, as another way of helping women’s voices be heard.  Our concerts provide a comfortable place for the LGBTQ, ally and feminist communities to gather, celebrate and renew spirits. Calliope members and supporters often say that participating is more than just attending an arts event. They say it satisfies them both socially and spiritually. Singers who audition for Calliope are attracted to the supportive community and to making music with a group that believes it can communicate its mission—and make change—through song.

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