Socio-Economic Status Discussion Handout

By  GALA Expert 

 August 9, 2023 

This discussion handout offers several scenarios that invite you to consider how different experiences of Socio-Economic Status might impact your chorus.


For each of the scenarios below:

  • Identify the issue/s surrounding equity, access and belonging present in this scenario. 
  • Reflect on how this situation may, or may not, be present in your own chorus. 
  • Brainstorm a range of possible responses to the scenario. In your chorus, whose responsibility is it to speak up and challenge, or support, the issue presented?
  • Record your conversations and responses for reporting back to the larger group.

Scenarios for Discussion

  1. A new singer who is a single mom has joined the chorus. Although she is currently working she does not have the funds to pay chorus dues. The membership chair tells her, “no problem, you can just volunteer for a work exchange to cover your chorus dues.”
  2. Singer Sandy is a full-time student and has signed up for chorus tour. As a surprise gift, Jo, who sits beside Sandy, stands up at announcement time to let the chorus know that she has paid Sandy’s tour fee and encourages others to assist students and singers in need with tour costs. 
  3. The Attire Committee decides two weeks before the concert that each singer should wear green pants or skirts and an “ugly sweater” during the second half of the holiday show. 
  4. The Attire Committee confronts Sean at the chorus dress rehearsal because his shoes are not a solid color of black. He is told this needs to be remedied if he wants to perform in the concert the following event. 

Action Steps
What are some concrete steps your chorus could undertake to better address socio-economic status?