Sexual Orientation Discussion Handout

By  GALA Expert 

 August 9, 2023 

A series of scenarios for your chorus to think about various experience of sexual orientations


For each of the scenarios below:

  • Identify the issue/s surrounding equity, access and belonging present in this scenario. 
  • Reflect on how this situation may, or may not, be present in your own chorus. 
  • Brainstorm a range of possible responses to the scenario. In your chorus, whose responsibility is it to speak up and challenge, or support, the issue presented?
  • Record your conversations and responses for reporting back to the larger group.

Scenarios for Discussion

  1. Your LGBTA chorus is traveling Alabama and there is limited space in the hotel, so members must share a room. You are on the committee to determine the policy for room assignments.
  2. A transman sings in a mixed chorus including LGBT and straight people. A woman who lost her husband to cancer joined the chorus and he found himself very attracted to her. He told a close friend in the chorus about his attraction, and she said to him, “But I think she’s straight.” 
  3. You are in rehearsal for the upcoming GALA Festival and talking with a fellow chorus member about diversity within GALA. You mention that it’s interesting that there’s a lot of discussion about trans issues in GALA now, but still no mention of bisexuality. Your fellow chorus member says “That’s because being bi is the same as being straight.” 
  4. Judy joins an LGBT mixed chorus with her partner Sam, who is a man and they are assumed to be straight. However, one night Judy mentions that their other partner, Janice (and the mother of their children) is not singing so that she can provide childcare for the kids. 
  5. A GALA SSAA chorus is singing “Leaping Lesbians” and three women refuse to sing the song because they aren’t lesbians.

Action Steps
What are some concrete steps your chorus could undertake to better address sexual orientation differences?