Production Manager Job Description

By  GALA Expert 

 November 21, 2023 



The Production Manager must have a deep, passionate commitment to PGMC, the Performance Members, Support Members, and the mission of the organization. The Production Manager works closely with the Artistic Director and Production Committee to execute the PGMC concerts.

The Production Manager is selected by the Artistic Director.


The Production Manager manages the choral productions of PGMC. This role concentrates on organization and execution of the duties and responsibilities necessary to produce PGMC concerts and performances. Many of the tasks are delegated by the Production Manager to Production Committee members and volunteers; the Production Manager assures that tasks are assigned and completed on time.

The Production Manager also provides input to the Chorus Manager and works with the Management Committee to develop annual budgets, plan concert logistics, and navigate the daily problems, tasks, and opportunities that arise as a part of normal PGMC operations.

The responsibilities of the Production Manager include:

  • PM or representative attending periodic Management Committee meetings.
  • Working with the Artistic Director to plan, prepare, organize, and execute performances.
  • Acting as the liaison between PGMC and all concert venues and concert vendors.
  • Responsibility for venue contracts and tech riders.
  • Overseeing sound and lighting engineers, house, and crew.
  • Providing detailed communication with Singing members about performances, schedules, concert logistics, stage direction, etc.
  • Preparing (with the Artistic Director) and meeting the Production Budget
  • Overseeing the Production Committee
  • Providing direction to and collaborating with:
    • Stage Manager
    • House Manager
    • Technical Director
    • Riser Coordinator
    • Lighting Designer
    • Sound Designer
    • Costume Designer
    • Scenic Designer
    • Audio / Video Archival Recorders
    • Production Assistants / Stagehands
    • Volunteer Coordinator to assess, staff, and execute production needs
  • Providing artistic input to the Marketing Committee for Season Brochures, Posters, Postcards, and other marketing materials
  • If a separate Concert Producer is engaged, managing the Concert Producer.

Foremost, the Production Manager must respect and uphold the By-Laws, Mission, and Vision of PGMC.