Preparing for Rehearsal

By  GALA Expert 

 October 12, 2023 

In order to have a great rehearsal it is best to make a plan, create a map and know where you are heading! The best time to plan your upcoming rehearsal is the morning after your last one while the musical issues are still fresh in your mind.


Don’ts and Do’s of Rehearsal

Adapted from “The Perfect Rehearsal” by Timothy Seelig
Published by Shawnee Press

(create your own and laminate it for your office wall)

Don’t start late.
Do start on time even if you have a handful (or more) singers who are late.

Don’t begin by talking too much.
Do begin by allowing your singers to move, stretch, massage, etc.

Don’t lose focus between every piece of music.
Do design a rehearsal plan and stick to it!

Don’t talk about every piece.
Do plan which pieces to discuss and which ones can wait.

Don’t spend too much time chasing notes with one section.
Do that in sectionals or divide your rehearsal.

Don’t spend too much time on one piece ignoring the others.
Do treat each piece with equal attention.

Don’t allow for too many announcements.
Do have written notes and one person make announcements.

Don’t end rehearsal with talking or announcements.
Do chose the final piece wisely.

Don’t end on the most difficult piece.
Do send them off singing, humming, smiling and they will return doing the same.

All of the above will absolutely KILL the flow of rehearsal. The whole point is to take your singers on a musical journey through all of their emotions. This journey is one that is planned by you, carefully.