One Voice Strategy Screen

By  GALA Expert 

 November 20, 2023 



By: Jane Ramseyer Miller

These are the questions that I ask as board and staff when making decisions regarding strategy, programming or collaborations. 

Programming Choices

  1. Does it fit and enhance our mission of building community and creating social change?
  2. Does the project effectively and directly confront homophobia? Does this project challenge our comfort-level as an organization (in a good way)
  3. Is it transformationalinclusiveauthentic and innovative?
  4. Will our members and staff get excited about this project?
  5. Does the project support or increase our artistic quality, or if not, does the benefit in another area outweigh this goal?
  6. Does it integrate with our other activities or concert theme?
  7. Does the project fit with our organizational Roadmap and core strategies?

Operational Choices

  1. Do we have the capacity or will it build capacity?
  2. Are the staff time and resources demanded for this event balanced with the income in will bring in for the organization?
  3. Is the project marketable – will it build or deepen audiences?
  4. Will it build on brand identity and reputation?
  5. Is the project financially sustainable or affordable?
  6. Does it build on or reinforce our competitive advantage?
  7. Does the project support our movement to the next stage of our organization’s development.

Artistic Product: who we are – what we offer

  1. Art that provokes audience to think and moves people to action – challenges bi-trans-homophobia – challenges the status quo.
  2. Art that evokes emotion: sadness, joy, laughter, longing, courage, pride
  3. Art that is accessible in content, understanding, medium, price.
  4. Art that is compelling artistically: enjoyable to hear, technically engaging
  5. Art that challenges our performers and is performed with competence.