New Member Welcome

By  GALA Expert 

 November 16, 2023 



Because our chorus serves as a social community as well as a singing group, we especially want to find ways to welcome new members.

Membership Committee

  1. Plan a welcoming party before the first Chorus rehearsal of the fall season.
  2. Make sure that name tags are prepared for the first rehearsal and for the welcoming party. Consider nametags for the front and back of each singer!
  3. Greet new section members at the first rehearsal and make sure they are introduced to their Section Leader and several members of their section.
  4. Plan a new member orientation 30 minutes before the first rehearsal of the season:
    • Introduce Membership Committee, Music Section Leaders, Board Chairs and staff.
    • Invite questions.
    • Be an upbeat cheerleader for the chorus!

Chorus Administrator

  • Prepare the Singer Handbook and other intro documents for packets.
  • Update and circulate a current member roster.

Artistic Director

  • Greet and welcome new members at the orientation and recognize them at the first rehearsal.
  • Acknowledge the challenges of new membership especially for the first few rehearsals that involve lots of sight-reading.
  • Plan several introductory activities as a part of the first rehearsal (in sections and as a full group).
  • Give an overview of the upcoming season at the first rehearsal.

Buddy System

Membership Committee will solicit current singers who have interest in being a buddy for a new singer during the first four weeks of rehearsal. Membership Committee will assign Buddies to new members within their own section if possible. Buddies are encouraged to:

  • Phone call during the first week
  • Invite the new singers to a chorus social event
  • Regularly make contact during the first 4 weeks of rehearsal
  • Check in with a phone call if a new singer misses a rehearsal

At their First Concert

  • Recognize all the new singers that joined since the beginning of the season.
  • “Pin” the new singers with some kind of award or button.