Mobility Accessibility Checklist

By  GALA Expert 

 August 8, 2023 

A list of considerations for your chorus to think about Mobility Accessibility


Public Transit

  • Is the public transit station wheelchair accessible? 
  • Is there an accessible route to the building from the stop?

Building Entrances

  • Is there an accessible front entrance?
  • If there are stairs at the main entrance, is there also a ramp or lift present?
  • Do inaccessible entrances provide signage to the accessible entrance?
  • Is the international symbol of accessibility provided at the accessible entrance?
  • Is the accessible entrance kept unlocked?
  • Is the entrance door at least 32 inches wide?
  • Does the accessible entrance provide direct access to the main floor, lobby, or elevator?

Entrance Door Handles

  • Is there 18 inches of clear wall space on the pull side of the door, next to handle?
  • Can door handle be operated with one hand without grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist? 
  • Is it door handle no higher than 48 inches?

Mats and Ramps

  • Are door mats less than 1 inch high and secured to the floor at all edges?
  • Do ramps longer than 6 feet have handrails on both sides?
  • Are the handrails sturdy and between 34 and 38 inches high?
  • Is the width between handrails a minimum of 36 inches?
  • Is the ramp firm, stable and non-slip and designed to prevent water buildup on the surface?
  • If the ramp changes direction, is there a 5 foot by 5 foot landing provided?
  • Is there a level landing located at the top and bottom of the ramp?

Outdoor Infrastructure

  • Is there an accessible route between accessible buildings?
  • Are grates designed to allow wheelchair access?

Indoor Infrastructure

  • Are all public spaces on an accessible path of travel?
  • Is there a 5-foot circle or a T-shaped space for a person using a wheelchair to reverse direction?
  • Are all aisles and pathways to all goods and services at least 36 inches wide?
  • Is carpeting low-pile, tightly woven, and securely attached along edges?
  • Are elevator call buttons in the hallway no higher than 42 inches?
  • Can the wheelchair lift be used without assistance?
  • Are drinking fountain spouts no higher than 36 inches?
  • Do drinking fountains have clear knee space of at least 27 inches? 

Other Mobility Accessibility Concerns

  • Are there chairs designated and labeled for individuals who use assistance when walking (crutches, canes)?
  • Are ushers correctly trained to ask those with disabilities if they need assistance? [Assistance is determined by the individual, not by the usher].