Intergenerational Spectrum Activity

By  GALA Expert 

 August 8, 2023 

An activity to spark intergenerational dialogue in your chorus


Move chairs to the edges of the room so everyone can move easily. Feel free to adapt the exercise below to fit your own chorus. At any time during the exercise the facilitator might pause to invite singers to observe or share what they are noticing about the patterns in the room.

Introduction for Participants
This room represents a spectrum of experiences. For example, if we say one side of the room as Boston and the other side is San Francisco, and you live in Texas, place yourself in the room in relation to that spectrum. Likewise, if we say each corner of the room is a different color, and you like several colors, find a space in between. Some of the experiences may have distinct differences between the categories, but you are encouraged to use the space in between to create the place that best describes your experience and who you are. If you are uncomfortable sharing your experience you are welcome to sit out for any or all of these scenarios.

Use theses suggestions, or make up your own!

  1. What is your NUMERIC age?
  2. What is the age that you FEEL?
  3. How do you get around town? Note: This works well with corners of the room.
    • Walker
    • Biker or Scooter’r
    • Bus or Train Rider
    • Car Driver
  4. Primary reason you JOINED this chorus:
    • Community and friendships
    • To change the world
    • To sing
  5. Primary reason you STAY with our chorus
    • Community and friendships
    • To change the world
    • To sing
  6. I know someone who died of AIDS   —   I don’t know someone who died of AIDS
  7. I know someone who is living with HIV/AIDS:   Yes    —   Not sure   —   No
  8. Sexual Orientation:
    • Gay / Lesbian
    • Bi / Pan / Something Else
    • Straight
  9. Gender expression right now:
    • Woman
    • Non-Binary / Something Else
    • Man
  10. Love to move   —   Not so mobile
  11. Love my hugs   —   Give me space

At the conclusion, invite singers to share what they noticed or experienced during the exercise. Use these suggestions, or make up your own!