Festival Volunteers

By  GALA Expert 

 May 29, 2023 


Join us as a volunteer for the GALA Choruses Festival 2024 and be part of creating an unforgettable celebration of LGBTQ choral music.


NOTE: Volunteers especially needed for Saturday and Sunday. Come join the FUN!

We’re seeking passionate, trusted individuals to join our volunteer team for GALA Choruses Festival 2024! As a volunteer, you’ll play a crucial role in creating an unforgettable experience for attendees from around the globe. Your dedication will help make this celebration of LGBTQ choral music a success. Sign up now and be part of this extraordinary event!

As a thank you for your time, GALA offers the following discounts on Festival concerts:

  • 3 volunteer hours = Receive a voucher for an afternoon Chorus or Ensemble Concert
  • 6 volunteer hours = Receive a voucher for any 1 concert
  • 12 volunteer hours = Full delegate badge for all concert and events (must sign up before June 28)

Volunteers will be given their respective, earned discount (concert tickets or delegate badge) at their first volunteer shift of Festival. Volunteers who are already registered for Festival (either as singing or non-singing delegate) and who volunteer for 12 or more hours at Festival, may request a refund for the cost of their delegate registration by emailing memberservices@galachoruses.org. All refunds can only be processed after Festival has ended.

If you are a local, be sure to share these FREE and other Festival events with your community!

We are urgently in need of people to fill open volunteer opportunities in all categories. If you have some time to volunteer we would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Back Stage Volunteers – Needed Sat and Sun!

GALA Choruses is looking for trusted volunteers to work closely with choruses backstage at the Festival performance venues. For each 4 to 5 hour shift, you and a couple of other volunteers will be assigned to one venue.

Our “Chorus Guides” volunteers greet choruses at their warm up areas and then escort them to the stage where they will be in the hands of our experienced stage managers. After the performance or rehearsal, you will help choruses find the exit and meet your next chorus.

Detailed schedules will be provided. You are welcome to work as many shifts as you would like and multiple shifts are incredibly helpful for a smooth backstage experience.

Volunteer Ushers – Needed Sat and Sun!

Assist delegates finding their seats and entering each of the venues at Festival 2024. Ushers play a vital role in a smooth and enjoyable Festival for everyone!

Front of House Volunteers

Volunteers are needed in the Minneapolis Convention Center lobby to assist at the Delegate Services office with registration and general delegate questions and at the GALA Merchandise Store with restocking.  Volunteers are also needed to assist with the Choral Carnival on July 12.

Looking for a volunteer role with limited mobility? The Choral Cinema shift involves welcoming delegates to the room and watching films about music and LGBTQ+ folks. Join us!