Diversity Plan

By  GALA Expert 

 November 20, 2023 



SAMPLE Diversity Plan
Dreams of Hope
Statement of Principles

Dreams of Hope celebrates its diversity through inclusion of all people regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, amnesty, ethnicity, or status as a covered veteran. The board, staff, and contracted artists must reflect the diversity of the youth participants, and the board and staff must ensure this diversity through diligence.

On November 18, 2013, the Board of Directors committed to this Diversity Plan.

Goal 1: Promote diversity on the Board of Directors.
1. Actively recruit candidates from diverse populations.
2. Recruit candidates through postings on community boards and the web.
3. Seek relationships with individuals/organizations in the community who have access to diverse populations.
4. Ensure that the makeup of the board and committees are diverse by making it a priority.

Goal 2: Provide diverse populations access to job openings.
1. Publicize job openings via community publications and on the web.
2. Reach out to community organizations to post job openings.
3. Publicize openings to the parents and guardians of the three programs.

Goal 3: Market programs and performances in communities throughout the region.
1. Research local and regional community publications for free posting opportunities.
2. Perform and hold events in diverse geographic locations.

The Board of Directors’ Board Development Committee, Artistic Director and Executive Director are charged with implementing this plan and will report annually to the board on what actions have been taken under each goal.