Chorus Concerts

By  GALA Expert 

 May 27, 2023 


112 choirs are registered to perform for you at Festival 2024, and there is a waiting list for additional choir hoping to attend.

A stylized line drawing of a bird made from a treble clef, and staff paper


112 choirs are registered to perform for you at Festival 2024, and there is a waiting list for additional choir hoping to attend! Want to know who you’ll get to hear at Festival? Check out the list of choirs below!

The chorus concert blocks occur at 12:00 pm and 2:30 pm each afternoon. Each concert block features a variety of SSAA, SATB, TTBB, trans/nonbinary choirs and youth choruses.

While video projection is generally not possible for most chorus concert blocks (beyond your intro video), we have designed one set that will be accessible for video. Choirs interested in this option will need to arrive a day early to set cues tech the video aspect. Choirs will have the chance to sign up for the video blocks in early September.

Themed Concert Blocks

Festival 2024 will feature several themed Concert Blocks which are a chance for 4-5 choirs to plan together in creating a collaborative set. Collaborating choirs may design their own concert block and incorporate combined songs at the beginning, end or throughout the set.

Artistic Directors may utilize this Themed Concert Spreadsheet to create theme ideas and invite other choirs to collaborate.

GALA Choirs Registered for Festival!

ANNA Crusis Feminist Choir
Appalachian Equality Chorus
Asheville Gay Men’s Chorus
Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus
Atlanta Women’s Chorus
Austin Gay Men’s Chorus
Boise Gay Men’s Chorus
Boston Gay Men’s Chorus
Calgary Men’s Chorus
Calliope Women’s Chorus
CHARIS – The St. Louis Women’s Chorus
Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus
Coloratura of the TCC
Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus
Common Woman Chorus
Confluence: Willamette Valley LGBT Chorus
Coro Allegro
Council Oak Men’s Chorale
Dayton Gay Men’s Chorus
Denver Gay Men’s Chorus
Denver Women’s Chorus
Des Moines Gay Men’s Chorus
Desert Voices Chorus
Diversity: The Voices of Sarasota
Empire City Men’s Chorus
Eugene Gay Men’s Chorus
European Queer Choir
GAPA Men’s Chorus
Gateway Men’s Chorus of St. Louis
Gay Men’s Chorus of Charlotte
Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles
Gay Men’s Chorus of South Florida
Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, DC
Golden Gate Men’s Chorus
Grand Rapids Women’s Chorus
Harmony: a Colorado chorale
Harrisburg Gay Men’s Chorus
Hartford Gay Men’s Chorus
Heartland Men’s Chorus Kansas City
Jubilate! The Women’s Choir of Corvallis
Kansas City Women’s Chorus
Key of Q: The Hudson Valley LGBTQ+Allied a Cappella Singers
LanSINGout Chorus
Las Vegas Men’s Chorus
Lavender Light: The Black and People of All Colors…
Maine Gay Men’s Chorus
MenAlive, the Orange County Gay Men’s Chorus
Modern Men – Coachella Valley Men’s Chorus
Nashville in Harmony
New Jersey Gay Men’s Chorus
New Mexico Gay Men’s Chorus
New Mexico Women’s Chorus
New Orleans Gay Men’s Chorus
New Wave Singers of Baltimore
New York City Gay Men’s Chorus
North Coast Men’s Chorus
Oakland Gay Men’s Chorus
One Voice Chorus of Charlotte
One Voice Mixed Chorus – MN
Orlando Gay Chorus
Our Voice Milwaukee Chorus for Gay Men & Allies
OurSong: The Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chorus
Out Loud Chorus (Michigan)
OUTside VoicesKC
Palm Springs Gay Men’s Chorus
Perfect Harmony Chorus
Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus
Philadelphia Voices of Pride
Phoenix Gay Men’s Chorus
Phoenix Women’s Chorus
Portland Gay Men’s Chorus
Portland Lesbian Choir
Pride Chorus Houston
PRISM Gay Men and Allies Chorus
Puget Soundworks
Quarryland Men’s Chorus
Queer Chorus of San Francisco
Rainbow Women’s Chorus
Renaissance City Choir
Reveille Men’s Chorus
Rhode Island Gay Men’s Chorus
River City Mixed Chorus
Rochester Gay Men’s Chorus
Sacramento Gay Men’s Chorus
Sacramento Women’s Chorus
Sage Singers
San Diego Women’s Chorus
San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus
Seattle Men’s Chorus
Seattle Women’s Chorus
Silicon Valley Gay Men’s Chorus
Sine Nomine
Sing Out Detroit
Sistrum Lansing Women’s Chorus
STANCE: Seattle Trans and Nonbinary Choral Ensemble
Steel City Men’s Chorus
The Choral Project
The Gay Men’s Chorus of Tampa Bay
The Quire of Eastern Iowa
The Rainbow Chorale of Delaware
Tone Cluster – quite a queer choir
Trans Chorus Los Angeles
Triad Pride Men’s Chorus
Triad Pride Women’s Chorus
Triangle Gay Men’s Chorus
Turtle Creek Chorale
Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus
VOICES of Kentuckiana
West Coast Singers LGBTQ+ Chorus of Los Angeles
Windy City Gay Chorus
Windy City Treble Quire