Chorus/Ensemble Additional Performance Opportunities

By  GALA Expert 

 May 29, 2023 


Looking for more opportunities for your chorus to perform while you’re in Minneapolis? Festival 2024 hosts various community engagement concerts and Blockbusters for chorus participation.

A stylized line drawing of a bird made from a treble clef, and staff paper


Festival 2024 hosts community engagement opportunities throughout downtown Minneapolis for visiting Choirs and Ensembles.  Chorus leadership may indicate your interest in the chorus/ensemble registration beginning in October 2023.

Blockbusters : Choirs are invited to submit song suggestions for performance in an evening Blockbuster concert.

Pop-up concert: a cappella 10 min ensemble pop-ups throughout downtown Minneapolis

Outdoor Peavey Plaza: stage for ensembles

Community concerts: downtown Minneapolis businesses

Sacred Stages: synagogue (Friday evening / Saturday morning) or church (Sunday)

Show Stoppers: our Closing Concert will invite back 5-6 chorus/ensemble performances from Festival 2024 that were particularly touching, powerful or artistically spectacular.

Festival Choruses: additional performance options for individual singers can be found on the Singer Additional Performance Opportunities page.