Mollie Stone

Mollie Stone

Chicago, IL, USA

Mollie Stone serves as Choral Conductor and Lecturer at the University of Chicago, Co-Founder/Director of the Chicago World Music Chorus, and teaches internationally with the organization Village Harmony. 

Stone holds a BA from Amherst College, a Masters in conducting from Westminster Choir College, a Doctorate in choral conducting from Northwestern University, and has studied at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Stone wrote her dissertation on how Black South Africans adapted the choral music of the anti-apartheid struggle to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  

In 2001, Stone received a grant from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation to produce a teaching DVD (Vela Vela) that helps choral directors across the world learn about Black South African choral music, and how to teach it more authentically in the oral tradition. In collaboration with Village Harmony and Chicago Children’s Choir, Stone has since created a number of additional digital teaching materials that help singers learn about the music of South Africa, The Republic of Georgia, and Bulgaria.  

Stone works in the US and abroad to facilitate collaborations, projects, programs, and tours that allow singers to study the music of other traditions by working directly with culture bearers. Likewise, Stone works to provide culture bearers with platforms and resources that support them in sharing their music on their own terms.  

Activist, Educator, Performer, Singer