Sine Nomine

Sine Nomine

Brighton, Colorado, USA

Artistic Director

Dolhathai "Kloy" Intawong

Executive Director

Peter Padilla


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Founded in 2006, Sine Nomine is a contemporary, auditioned chamber chorus based in Denver, Colorado. Our concerts feature an eclectic mixture of music that has become our signature. We are passionate about singing. We believe that music is powerful beyond words — building bridges, healing hearts, lifting spirits, enriching lives — doing what words alone can never do.  From sacred to secular, classical to avant-garde, our music speaks of finding our voice, our place, and our style. Our concerts celebrate the simple pleasures that make our lives full: growth, change and new beginnings; love, laughter and sorrow; the desire to reach for the stars, to embrace new opportunities, and to share life’s lessons with the next generation.

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