Rochester Gay Men’s Chorus

Rochester Gay Men’s Chorus

Rochester, NY, USA

Artistic Director

Wilson Southerland

Executive Director

Jim Janssen


Chorus Youtube Channel

We the members of the Rochester Gay Men’s Chorus unite proudly to seek a better world for ourselves, our community, and for our nation by sowing the seeds of harmony through the universal language of music.  We sing for ourselves to make glorious music with friends who experience the world as we do and who share our joy in standing together.  We sing for our sisters and brothers in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community to embody pride, family, and a sense of home.  We sing for our friends and supporters who join with us to overcome ignorance and prejudice.  We sing for those unknown and unseen, awakening to who they are, in closets of oppression, or in search of community, that they may see our faces and hear our joy and know that the night is not forever, and that there are friends and brothers to light their way and to welcome them home.

Where in the world is Rochester Gay Men’s Chorus?