Richmond Allied Voices

Richmond Allied Voices

Richmond, VA, USA

Artistic Director

Erin Wind, Christopher Reynolds and Sonia Elliott

Executive Director


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In September 2019, during Richmond’s Pride celebration, our organization officially renounced our original name of “Monument City Music” and chose to no longer connect ourselves with the many monuments throughout the city that glorified slaveholders and brought pain to members of the community. On that day, Richmond Allied Voices was born, with a rejuvenated goal to bring Richmond together through song!  Looking ahead, we’ve felt that the names of two of our groups present a gender binary that we do not endorse as an organization. When the pandemic first began, our response was to combine our three groups into one group under our collective name, Richmond Allied Voices. But as of January 2022, we returned to singing as a treble group, low voice group, and mixed voice group. We know that if we want to align our image with our values, it is necessary for us to revisit the names of our groups with a critical eye. We ask that you please connect with us as we continue this journey and begin the process of reconciliation and healing so our organization can reflect our goals of being an inspired, hopeful, and unified Richmond through song.

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