Rhode Island Gay Men’s Chorus

Rhode Island Gay Men’s Chorus

Providence, RI, USA

Artistic Director

Kim Kuda

Executive Director


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In 1995, an advertisement was placed in a local LGBTQ magazine, looking for gay men who loved to sing choral music. Twelve men gathered together at that first meeting and the Providence Gay Men’s Chorus was born!  Over the years, we have rehearsed in various locations and performed in many different venues. We have been welcomed, encouraged and supported by groups and organizations of all kinds. We have broadened our outreach, extended our repertoire, expanded our audiences, and strengthened our ties to the entire state of Rhode Island. We knew it was time for a change. In 2020, to pay homage to our growth and to proudly show that we represent our entire state, we made the big decision to change our name to Rhode Island Gay Men’s Chorus.  Our journey has not always been an easy one. Public understanding has greatly evolved since 1995, and the acceptance of gay rights and of alternative lifestyles has certainly made significant strides. But there is still much to do in the fight for LGBTQ equality. This is why we sing!

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