Puget Soundworks

Puget Soundworks

Seattle, WA, USA

Artistic Director

Miriam Anderson

Executive Director

Kate Huisentruit


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Puget Soundworks is built on the following values:

  • LGBTQIA+ centered: Working towards dismantling the gender boundaries & language traditionally found in choral music. Provide a welcoming, safe space for all gender identities and sexual orientations.
  • Kindness is key: Everyone speaks and acts in a way that is respectful and compassionate.
  • Create beautiful music: We love to sing and use music to spread joy and laughter, open hearts and minds, and entertain our audience.
  • Lift up marginalized voices: Use our musical platform to expand visibility for those who are transgender, non-binary, or genderqueer; women; people of color.
  • Appreciate and inspire transparency: Transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability.
  • Put singers first: Design communication, operations, and programming with singer empathy top of mind.

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