Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus

Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Artistic Director

Joseph J. Buches

Executive Director

Mandie Curtis Banks


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The Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus (PGMC) entertains audiences, supports communities, and fosters acceptance through exceptional musical performance.


A community that celebrates differences and a chorus that inspires change.


We value: 

  • consistent engagement with the LGBT and broader communities; 

  • our leadership in the Philadelphia artistic community, with entertaining and artistic productions covering a variety of musical genres;

  • accepting all people and ensuring that all people feel accepted; and 

  • conducting ourselves with professionalism, integrity, and accountability.


The Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus recognizes that diverse communities are stronger communities. Various backgrounds and experiences add to our artistic strength, leading to a greater connection with our audiences. Through a culture of diversity and inclusion, we increase the success of the Chorus, raise our profile, sustain our mission, and expand our outreach in Philadelphia and beyond.

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