Golden Gate Men’s Chorus

Golden Gate Men’s Chorus

San Francisco, CA, USA

Artistic Director

Joseph Piazza

Executive Director


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The Golden Gate Men’s Chorus was formed by Dick Kramer in 1982 as the Dick Kramer Gay Men’s Chorale. Mr. Kramer, one of the founding fathers of the American gay choral movement, envisioned a small men’s ensemble reminiscent of university men’s choruses of 19th-century Europe.  Reorganized as the Golden Gate Men’s Chorus in 1988, the GGMC continues to present high-quality performances of men’s choral music.

The GGMC does not discriminate by age, creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or any ability other than musicianship. Though the GGMC is, by definition, a men’s vocal group, the group makes every effort to include women’s participation. In the past, paid consultants such as house managers, vocal coaches, and concert producers have been women. Women have also been volunteers for the group and are encouraged to seek election to the Board.  Though the Golden Gate Men’s Chorus has its roots in the gay community, its membership includes both gay and gay-supportive men. The group represents San Francisco’s ethnic and social diversity, with members spanning African American, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Latino, Vietnamese, and Western European heritages and spanning age groups from 20s to 70s.

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