Coro Hombres Gay de Montevideo

Coro Hombres Gay de Montevideo

Montevideo, Uruguay

Artistic Director

Alejandro Giaccone

Executive Director


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Latin America has an enormous tradition in choral and vocal ensembles, both in the field of academic music and popular music. Much of the history of folk music on the continent is made up of vocal groups, especially male ones; Quilapay├║n, Inti-Illimani, Los Nocheros de Anta, Los Huanca Hua, Los Fronterizos, Opus Cuatro, Sexteto Vocal Cabernet, among others. In Uruguay, the choirs of male voices have more than a century of tradition in the murgas, which are a fundamental part of the Montevideo Carnival. But until a few years ago, it was unthinkable that these predominantly male formations were formed entirely by gay men. All the aforementioned groups were not only vocal ensembles dedicated to art, they were also and are, dedicated to the manly form of singing and its vicissitudes: the worker, the miner, the struggle of the straight “protest” for a new world. There was, until now, no idea of a choral group with an idea of male dissidents as protagonists.

Alejandro Giaccone is the director of the Gay Men’s Choir of Montevideo, a group of dark voices whose slogan is to be integrated only by gay men. This creates a specificity in the tradition of choirs; Members who participate in the dissidence of heteropatriarchy and who, at the same time, are part of a vocal ensemble of men with a repertoire specifically chosen to mark a presence where there was none until 2016, the year in which the choir was founded. With this, not only is the CHG Montevideo created, but, without knowing it, the first choral group of gay men in Latin America is formed.

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