Bridging Voices

Bridging Voices

Portland, OR, USA

Artistic Director

DeReau Farrar

Executive Director

Blair Bridges


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Bridging Voices (The Portland GSA Youth Chorus) is a youth chorus for LGBTQ+ and allied youth, ages 13-21, and strives to be a safe, accessible place for youth to experience empowerment and unity through music. It is Portland’s first Queer/Straight Alliance Youth Chorus and is one of the largest choruses of its kind, in the nation.  To us, Bridging Voices is more than a chorus. It’s a space where queer members can grow and thrive within a community of like-minded youth and experience a support system of true allies. Our mission is to break down the foundations of homophobia and transphobia through visibility. Within these walls, the things that make us different are celebrated and encouraged, not hidden or criticized.

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