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Resources and Templates

This page is packed full of resources that you are welcome to copy, edit and use for your youth chorus. For more information on any of these resources feel free to contact one of the GALA youth choruses directly.

Diverse Harmony Forms

Dreams of Hope Forms

GenOUT Chorus Forms

  • GenOUT Handbook - PDF
  • GenOUT Permission Form 2022-2023 - PDF

PerformOUTKC Forms

  • Board of Directors Handbook – PDF
  • Bylaws – PDF
  • Chaperone-Volunteer Handbook – PDF
  • Emergency Procedures – PDF
  • Member Handbook – PDF
  • Youth Travel Policy – PDF
  • Financial Policies – PDF

Various Voices LGBT Chorus Festival

  • Keeping Arts Safe – Arts Council England – Word document
  • Various Voices guidelines for Young People and Children – Word document

National Center for Transgender Equality

  • Teaching Transgender – PDF
  • Understanding Trans – PDF
  • Transgender Terminology - PDF

Other Resources

Links and Resources


Need Board Members?

Check out these resources for recruiting board members and the skills matrix template.