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Meet Our Youth

The first North American LGBT youth chorus was formed in Vancouver British Columbus in 2001. Glass Youth Choir is not currently performing but here is a list of current GALA Youth Choruses.

Bridging Voices (Portland GSA Youth Chorus)
Portland, OR

Diverse Harmony
Seattle, WA
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Dreams of Hope
Pittsburgh, PA
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GenOUT Chorus
Washington, DC.

Omaggio Youth Chorus
Phoenix, AZ 
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Kansas City, MO
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Youth Pride Chorus
New York City, NY
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Meet Our Youth

Statistics from PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays)
  • 97% of all high school students hear anti-gay slurs daily
  • 40% of GLBT students have never seen anyone intervene in anti-gay harassment
  • GLBT youth are five times more likely to skip school because they are feeling unsafe on route to or at school
  • One out of four youth that comes out to his/her parents is kicked out of the home