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Transgender Voices

Many choruses include individuals who identify as transgender, cross-gender or gender nonbinary. The resources on this page offer information about trans and nonbinary gender experience and voice transition. If you are a trans or nonbinary singer, this page is for you!

Hoping to make your own chorus a more inclusive space? Download Creating Inclusive Choirs to share with your chorus director and encourage them to explore the Teacher section of this Resource Center.

Video Central - Workshops

Heights and Depths of Vocal Liberation (59 min)
Wendy Vastine

Raising All Voices (67 min)
Creating and Facilitating Gender Inclusive Spaces – Alex Iantaffi

Nurturing the Voice (87 min)
Techniques and Exercises for a Healthy Transition – Lisa Butcher, Anita Kozan

Expanding Definitions of 'Woman' (65 min)
Singing Authentically (coaching session) – Mari Esabel Valverde

More videos on the Teacher page.


Video Central - Shorts

Harmonies Inside (2:37 min)
Original music video with songwriter Osprey Huffsmith, featuring Transgender Voices Festival singers.

Joselyn’s Story (7:58 min)
Singer, composer, and parent – meet Joselyn!

Exploring Trans Voice (4:06 min)
Trans and nonbinary singers on the topic of voice.

The Reason for the Festival (7:08 min)
A conductor’s journey to learn about trans voices and the birth of the Transgender Voices Festival!

Transgender Voices Festival Montage (5:55 min)
Trans Voices Festival wrap-up and sizzle!