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Singer Voice

Not sure how to best prepare your voice for a chorus rehearsal? Experiencing vocal tension or fatigue at the end of a chorus rehearsal? This page offers vocal warm-ups, technique and information about vocal care.

Vocal Warm-Ups

Watch this video by voice coach Eric Arceneaux on Opening Up the Voice.

John Henry offers 10 Exercises for Vocal Health

Singing through the Register Transition
Music for Music Teachers has created these warm-ups for moving between ranges. PDF

Kathleen Hansen has a YouTube Channel with several Warmups and Vocal Pedagogy videos for singers.

Vocal Technique

Dr. Stan Hill offers tips on addressing vocal fatigue in GALA’s Voice Tips 101.

Conductor and vocalist Stephen Edwards explores issues around vocal and facial tension for singers in the GALA’s Voice Tips 101: What’s Wrong with Your Face?

Tim Seelig gives a video demonstration of how the vocal folds function.

Voice Care

The Texas Voice Center offers some helpful tips for caring for your voice.


More Gala

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