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Windy City Performing Arts

Position:  Artistic Director (2 positions)

Location: CHICAGO, IL United States

Closing Date: February 28, 2023

Organization Website: Website

Type of Position:  Part Time

Salary and Benefits:


Description of Position Duties:

In recent history, WCPA has only had one artistic director who has directed both choruses. For this search, the organization is considering splitting the position into two positions, with a dedicated artistic director for each chorus. These two artistic directors would each lead their individual chorus and collaborate on the overall artistic direction of the organization, as well as on the theme and logistics of combined concerts.

Depending on applicant attributes and interests, the organization may combine these positions to form one position of artistic director for both choruses.


The following responsibilities apply to the duties of each artistic director in relation to their chorus:

Mainstage concert preparation and direction
Plan and and execute a concert preparation for each mainstage concert, working collaboratively to plan concert themes and logistics with WCPA artistic and administrative staff and volunteers
Work collaboratively with WCPA finance staff to budget for all mainstage concerts and track spending according to the approved budget
Conduct one weekly rehearsal and collaboratively conduct at least one all-day rehearsal, historically on a Saturday each prep
Collaboratively plan and conduct all combined rehearsals for each concert prep
Work with assistant directors to plan schedules and coordinate sectionals and substitutes as needed
Oversee auditions of the chorus, working with membership leadership to ensure dates and space are reserved for auditions
Conduct mainstage concerts of the chorus and select performances of the combined choruses
Additional Performance Opportunities*
Evaluate all additional performance opportunities for feasibility and potential organizational gain
Advise the Executive Director and/or Board of Directors on all additional performance opportunities for the chorus
Coordinate with assistant directors to plan rehearsals and determine needs for each performance
Equitably and transparently select members for performance opportunities
Conduct rehearsals and performances; delegate rehearsal and performance to responsibilities to assistant directors as needed
Communicate with performance organizers to ensure all artistic and logistic elements are prepared for performances, or oversee that tasks are completed by assistant directors
Evaluate results from all additional performances
Assist membership leadership with facilitating a welcoming, respectful, and safe community for all members
Work with WCPA staff and volunteers to ensure a welcoming and enjoyable experience for all patrons, donors, and guests at performances and rehearsals
Create and maintain meaningful relationships with the WCPA community
Promotion and fundraising
Collaborate with WCPA’s marking staff and volunteers to successfully promote all performances of the chorus
Strategize with WCPA staff and board of directors on growth of the organization’s public recognition
Promote WCPA’s mission and positively represent the organization publicly
Attend all major fundraising events annually and attend donor meetings as requested by the Executive Director
Monitor email inbox regularly (at least 3 days a week) and respond to all messages in a timely manner
Communicate with volunteers and staff to ensure materials and music are available for all rehearsals and concerts, both in person and on the chorus’s membership portal
Prepare an artistic report each month; attend board meetings as requested
Meet with the Executive Director to provide updates on concert preparations and collaborate on organizational direction

Description of Position Qualifications:

Significant experience planning, leading, and directing choral music rehearsals and performances; experience working with adult choirs preferred
Availability for rehearsals of the chorus
Windy City Treble Quire- Mondays 7:30pm-10:00 pm
Windy CIty Gay Chorus- Wednesdays 7:30pm-10:00 pm
Strong musical ability, including reading, listening, and analyzing skills
Strong teaching ability, including teaching to a spectrum of musical abilities and capabilities
Strong communication skills, both verbal and written
Adventurous and cohesive programming choices that challenge members, engage audiences, and promote WCPA’s mission
Able to engage with audiences and donors about programming in a meaningful way
Interested in investing in the organization and collaborating on the long term vision for the chorus
Able to professionally collaborate with staff, board, and volunteers on programming and organizational operations

Information Required to Apply:

Please read the instructions to apply at:

Submit Information To:

Other Information:


The artistic director position (2 positions) is a part time employee position with rate negotiable based on experience, with a range of $25-$40/hour
Estimated hours per concert prep is 60-80 hours per chorus, including personal score preparation and rehearsal planning time
Additional weekly hours for meetings and other administrative tasks
*Additional performance opportunities will be compensated in addition to concert prep hours
Outside of rehearsals and concerts, position is a flexible schedule with employee working from home
Opportunity to work on projects collaborating with guest composers and artists