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The Quire

Position:  Artistic & Choral Director

Location: Iowa City, IA USA

Closing Date: June 1, 2021

Organization Website: Website

Type of Position:  Contract

Salary and Benefits:

$7,000 – $8,000 annually

Description of Position Duties:

The Artistic & Choral Director is the artistic and musical lead of the organization, both setting the tone of our musical approach and the style of our musical presentations. As the primary conductor, they will present at rehearsals and performances. Working with the rest of the Artistic Team, they will create a cohesive musical experience that supports the community-based nature of our group, while still encouraging growth across a variety of musical skills.

Primary Duties:
– Develop musical repertoire, in conjunction with the Artistic Team, for all Quire large-group performances, including, but not limited to winter concert, spring fundraiser, spring concert, GALA performance, etc.
– Attend all scheduled rehearsals and performances or locate, prepare, and compensate a substitute director, in the event of an absence
— Weekly Obligation (Sept – June) — 10-15 hours per week (estimated)

Full list of duties can be found at:

Description of Position Qualifications:

Must have:
– BA in Music Performance (or similar) OR 2+ years conducting experience with an ensemble
– Comfort and understanding of the LGBTQ+ community
– Experience teaching choral technique to all skill levels
– Ability to manage both large-ensemble and small-group work
– Ability to delegate and task manage with Artistic Team
– Professional communication skills
– Friendly, professional interpersonal skills

Preferred skills:
– Instrumental skills, especially piano
– Artistic connections in the area, especially with musicians

Information Required to Apply:

Resume and cover letter. Applicants may also be asked to provide references.

Submit Information To:

Other Information:

NOTE: The Unitarian Universalist Society of Iowa City (UUS) is also looking for a Music Director at this time. Go to for the link to the position. UUS and The Quire are each conducting the hiring process for their own positions, but if a candidate is accepted for both positions, UUS and The Quire will coordinate to make it possible to do both positions. Please apply to The Quire for this Artistic & Choral Director position and to the UUS for their Music Director position if you are interested in both.