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Harmony: a Colorado Chorale


Artistic Director

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Denver, CO

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Description of Position Duties: 


1. Serves Harmony as the official public presence of the choir and as a representative of the LGBTQS+ community in general. Participates in community events, and represents Harmony to the community, funding organizations (i.e., SCFD), and potential sponsors . Networks with other arts organizations, music directors, and community groups to increase the visibility of the chorus and to encourage collaboration.

2. Works with members to promote a sense of community and commitment to the chorale and to one another.

3. Coordinates with marketing committee to develop strategies to build chorus membership, as well as promote the Harmony brand in the community.


1. In consultation with the Board, Staff, and key members, plans dates and themes for concerts 18-24 months in advance. Chairs the Music Advisory Committee (MAC) for Harmony and Harmonix; calls meetings, presents ideas for performances. The MAC is generally composed of past and present chorus members and should reflect Harmonys goal of presenting diverse backgrounds, opinions, and musical tastes, as should Harmonys performances.

2. Plans and conducts all rehearsals, including retreats. Commonly, 2-2.5 hour rehearsals are held two evenings per weekcurrently one evening in Denver, one evening in Longmontduring the season with up to three additional rehearsals in the immediate week before concerts. At least one weekend retreat is held during each concert season, with the potential for travel and overnight stays.

3. Conducts voice placement and solo performer auditions for singing members, with scheduling assistance from membership.

4. Provides or coordinates assistance opportunities, such as sectional rehearsals, rehearsal tracks for each voice part, etc, for singers who require extra help in preparing for a performance.

5. Conducts auditions for Harmonix and other Small Groups, serving as facilitator / advisor. May lead Harmonix rehearsals and performances or assign another staff member/volunteer to assist.

6. Coordinates additional instrumentalists, performers and arrangers for performances.

7. Determines and arranges necessary technical needs for performances such as sound, lighting, staging, and other needs, in keeping with the budget.


1. Serves on the Board of Directors as an ex-officio member, presenting a written report each month and attending most meetings. The Board meets at least once per month and holds a one-day planning retreat each year.

2. In consultation with Board Members, hires and supervises the Assistant Director and Accompanist(s).

3. Selects and manages Section Leaders.


1. Oversees, communicates and coordinates music purchases and provision of props, costumes and other supplies used for performances in keeping with budget.

2. Presents proposed Artistic Budget to the Board annually. Oversees Artistic budget and assists in preparing written reports following each concert in consultation with Treasurer or Book Keeper.

3. Provides receipts and other documents to the Treasurer or Book Keeper upon request.

4. Prepares concert reports for BMI and ASCAP for each performance.


1. Communicates needs to the General Manager as needed to assist with coordination of contract workers for production meetings, promotional projects and special events.

2. Works with other staff members, including the General Manager, Accompanist(s), and Assistant Director to coordinate rehearsals, retreats and concerts, and to implement programs and procedures developed by the Board of Directors.


1. Staff selection, supervision, training, and development.

2. Communication and sharing of information.

3. Ability to work in partnership with Board of Directors.

4. Ability to work in partnership with internal volunteers, other choruses, and community organizations.

5. Able and willing to work with chorus members at all levels of musical ability, especially those with limited experience.

6. Ability to forecast budgetary needs for programming, and maintain cost control.

7. Innovation and initiative in developing cost reduction strategies.

8. Vision: big picture, future planning, organizational development.

Information Required to Apply: 

Please send email, with resume attached.

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harmonyadsearch [at]