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Discussion Groups Link You to Your Colleagues

GALA Choruses supports a variety of ways for members to stay informed and to network with other member choruses. The networking capability is frequently cited as one of the most valuable aspects of membership in GALA Choruses. Information about programs and events is sent through e-blasts. You can join the mailing list to receive these communications. There are nine different discussion groups on Google that can be used to obtain input on a particular question or issue from colleagues. Each of the discussion groups is described below.

Artistic Directors

This list includes requests and posts about repertoire, concert themes, rehearsal and performance issues, guest artists and many other stimulating AD topics! - send request to subscribe.

Volunteer Chorus Managers

Members of this discussion group are non-paid, or minimally paid, managers or administrators of GALA choruses. Please send request to subscribe.

Mid-Size Chorus Managers

There is a new discussion group for administrators of choruses with budgets between $75,000 and $300,000 to exchange information and best practices. Please send request to subscribe.

GALA Composers

This is a new discussion list for composers and arrangers that are connected to our choruses, have composed pieces for GALA choruses or are looking to become more connected. Please send request to subscribe.

GALA Youth Choruses

Stay connected with other GALA Youth Choruses through this on-line discussion group. Please send request to subscribe.

Transgender GALA

A discussion group for transgender individuals and allies interested in conversations regarding trans experience, gender language and helping to create a trans-friendly community within GALA choruses. Please send request to subscribe.

Chorus Board Members

A discussion group for chorus board members. Please send request to subscribe.

SSAA Chorus Leaders

A discussion group for SSAA chorus leaders. Please send request to subscribe.

Chorus Membership Committees

A discussion group for chorus membership committees and councils, chorus member-presidents, and section leaders who represent choir members. Please send request to subscribe.