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Beyond the Music: Social Activities

Activity Description
Breakout Rooms on Zoom (use suggested questions so people can connect and share)
Choir Karaoke
Concert Watch Party
Dance Party We have someone that creates a playlist, shares on Zoom and we all dance. One person kept changing their crazy outfits and that was fun.
Diva Night with theme "show tunes"
GALA New Harmony Discussions
Halloween Virtual Party People will dress up, Halloween zoom backgrounds, Halloween games and just chatting - we will also use this time to talk about our plans for holiday season and other upcoming projects
Happy Hour Everyone has their favorite beverage, and we just shoot the breeze.
Mad Lib Mania I hosted an evening of laughter and creativity based around Mad Libs. I located several Mad Libs books with queer-centric themes including "We're Here, We're Queer, We're Mad Libs" and "RuPaul's Drag Race" Mad Libs. The books were $5 a piece so fairly affordable. lists well over 100 other titles for both kids and adults. During our Zoom session I acted as host and for each Mad Lib story we had each participant in turn fill in one of the called for words. Once all of the words were filled in I offered a reading of the completed story. They turned out to be pretty funny and everyone really enjoyed a lot of laughter and big smiles.
Online Movie Night
Scavenger Hunt I've hosted several virtual scavenger hunts for our members and folks have responded well. I've created list of items in advance. During the hunt, each item is announced and participants are given a set time in which to locate the item in their home (60 seconds seems to work well). As long as they make it back to their screen and show the item on camera that get points for that item. We also made a rule of the game that photos of items or apps of an item (i.e. a calculator app) would not count. At the end of the hunt the top three finishers were named the winners and received Amazon gift cards as a prize.
Scavenger Hunt People race to retrieve items (such as something rainbow, a roll of toilet paper, some choral music, a jigsaw puzzle, a musical instrument, a choir tshirt, a food that starts with the first letter of their first name, a spice that starts with the first letter of their last name etc) and bring it back to their computer. Best to do one item at a time. Could be hard to see who comes back first if you have a huge group on multiple screens. Best to have people verbally announce as well.
Sneak Peak of Choir Projects Video premier (had everyone gather for a sneak early peak of our first virtual vid)
Social Media Engagement Ask a silly question once per week on our Chorus Social Page (Facebook)
Song Share We hosted an evening of music sharing  during which members were able to share a piece of music that has special meaning to them, they love to perform, helped them through a difficult time, or just really love. Each participant shared a little information about their connection to the song and then played a recording of the song or used screen sharing to play a video of the song. We also passed the titles along to our Artistic Director (he knew in advance and liked the idea) for future consideration.
Sunday Brunch We've hosted several of these events with modest turnout (6-12 members participating. Several brunch recipes (usually at least one savory and one sweet) are shared with members in advance  (as much as 2 weeks out from the event) via social media so that members choosing to participate in the brunch can opt to prepare one or more of the dishes in time for the event. The event itself is simply a social gathering via Zoom for conversation with brunch and beverages as members choose. For those who have tried out one or more of the shared recipes there is also some conversation about the success of the dish.
Talent/No-Talent Show People sign up ahead to share a talent.  Could be how to fold a fitted sheet, how to make a bento box lunch, how to knit a pink hat, playing the ukelele, guitar, piano, singing, dancing -- whatever people want to share.
Trivia Night I've hosted 4-5 trivia nights over the course of the pandemic thus far. We're a chorus of about 40 active singers currently and we have about 20 members typically join for trivia. I've run the event a couple of different ways. Sometimes  questions are asked of one player at a time and the person simply announces their answer. Other times the questions are asked to everyone and they write down their answers. When time is called they hold up their answers and points are awarded for all correct answers. We generally do trivia nights with a theme but not always. For our trivia nights we decided to have small prizes for our top three finishers. We have used Amazon gift cards which allow the recipients a touch-free prize they can use as they desire.
Virtual Murder Mystery Works best for 6 to 10 people, give out roles in the mystery, let people adopt their roles. Story was prepackaged.
Virtual Potluck Eat dinner together
Watch Party Watching musicals and shows together via screen sharing on Zoom
Wine and Cheese on Zoom (social chatting)