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Connection and Community


GALA choruses serve as family, faith community, support group and a primary social outlet for many of our singers. Here are creative ways that GALA choruses are connecting during Covid-19!

Skill Building Workshops
  1. How to compose music or create a choral arrangement
  2. Group voice lessons by section
  3. Tips for learning intervals
  4. Tips how to memorize music
  5. Reading rhythms
  6. Beginning score reading
  7. Advanced levels of music reading
  8. Teach dance steps for your next concert
  9. Choral diction
  10. Navigating the piano keyboard
  11. Vocal warm-ups
  12. ASL basics
  13. Collaborate with/invite in other choirs to join your virtual rehearsal
  14. Guest directors or videos to lead warmups
  15. Internal multi-track contest (part of a song, original work, collaborative or individual)
  16. Sing along with YouTube: Sound of Music
Community Engagement
  • Service projects (like mask making), donation drives
  • Host a public sing-along event: Seattle Window Sing-AlongMinnesota Bring the Sing HOME
  • Post Videos from former performances
  • Virtual Choirs/Collaborations
  • Singing Telegrams
  • Individuals singers perform a song outside the window of elders or individuals who are sick
  • Promote questions for public engagement:
    • What is your stay at home sound-track?
    • What songs are on your feel-good playlist?
    • What themes might our chorus address in performance post-Covid?
Social Events

Beyond The Music: Social Activies - List of Sugesstions

Beyond the Music: Keeping Singers Engaged - Presentation

  • Chorus Poetry Slam via Zoom
  • Teach cute handwashing songs
  • Use Zoom breakout rooms for smaller group sharing
  • Create a Virtual Choir – see GALA’s how to
  • Create a buddy system for chorus members who would like regular support and check-in via phone or email
  • Board games night via virtual game apps
  • Host a dance party
  • Musical scavenger hunt
  • Virtual Idol and Sing-off between choir members
  • Pet Drag Show or Pet Talent Night
  • Book club
  • Virtual house tours
  • Hollywood Squares via Zoom with singing couples as contestants
  • Trivia competition
  • Pictionary
  • Zoom Coffee with the Artistic Director
  • Movie watch parties
  • Surprise guests appear at your Zoom gathering: former conductors, guest artists
  • Post your favorite memories/pictures from the last year (social media or email)
  • Happy Hour/Tea Time with chorus sections
  • Post Virtual Rehearsal social hang out (BYO everything)
  • Fact Quiz (spotlight on individuals – can be a game like two truths and a lie)
  • Social Media get to know you quizzes (internal/private group pages)
  • Watch Party of former chorus performances
  • Watch party of other chorus performances
  • Themes for virtual rehearsals: silly hats, color days, pajama day, etc
  • Use "breakout rooms" if group is large for social time/check ins

Got a creative idea from your chorus? Email GALA’s 411 Artistic Advisor, Kathleen Hansen.

New Harmony: Equality, Access, Belonging

Chorus on hiatus? This might be a great time to create some virtual chorus conversations around equality, access, and belonging. Check out the New Harmony workbook and resources.