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Board and Management Resources

The Covid-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on every aspect of our lives. Our choir concerts have been cancelled, major fundraising events may be in the balance, choirs small and large are wondering about their survival.

So how do you move forward? The websites below offer some excellent resources and they continue to add new information as the situation evolves.

If you need to touch base and talk, I am just an email away. While I may not have answers to every issue you are facing, I can definitely walk you through your concerns and recommend folks who can help.
– Richard Jung, GALA Choruses 411 Fundraising Advisor

Financial Considerations and Crisis Planning

There are some excellent materials available at  which include a three-part series on Organizational Cash Flow Planning in a Crisis, Building Organizational Scenarios and Testing Budgets and Managing in an Age of Crisis.  All three provide outstanding background materials on the challenges we face.

You may also want to explore  for an article entitled In It for the Long Haul featuring a discussion of how arts and cultural organizations can consider adapting as we plan for a post-COVID future.

Fundraising for Quarantined Choirs

These are indeed trying times and many of our organizations are seeing our concert seasons going up in smoke. Here are ways to adapt your fundraising even while your chorus is not performing.

Transforming your chorus’ fundraising event into a Virtual Event
Blog by Tori Cook, Chorus Connection

Host a viral non-event!
Blog by Tori Cook, Chorus Connection

Stream a previously performed concert that you have filmed.

  • Invite composers, artist director, soloists, and guest artists to participate in a virtual live “Red Carpet interview” before the concert starts and at intermission
  • Post the concert program for download for viewers
  • Include a link to your website for donations to support your chorus and make a verbal ask during the live interviews

For more information, visit Streaming Concerts in the GALA Resource Center.

Updated Federal Assistance

Our friends at Chorus Connection have created an excellent primer on the various forms of possible Federal aid currently available.  Start here if you need an overview: .  It provides an excellent description of the new programs available under the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 and includes a FAQ section that answers many of your most likely questions.

Also read our blog post at for a discussion of the interplay between the new round of PPP loans and the Shuttered Venue Operators Grants.  Choruses have some difficult decisions to make even though all the information we would like to have is not yet available.

The SBA has issued some initial regulations around the Shuttered Venues Operators Grants (SVOG).

UPDATE (2-16-21): Presenters with volunteer performers, such as choruses, are generally eligible to apply for SVOG .
To quote the SBA, "...provided the events a nonprofit live performing arts organization stages are produced and managed primarily by paid employees, the use of volunteers in the production casts would not disqualify it."

Leading Through Pandemic

Join GALA chorus leaders for a in-depth discussion of what the COVID-19 pandemic might mean for your chorus and for our future at

Thinking About Reopening

There are a number of challenges to think through in beginning to address what reopening will look like and how we need to prepare.  The article at  provides insight regarding perceptions and intentions of our audiences to return to performing arts venues.  Also  provides statistics and interviews on similar topics.

Websites for additional information:

This article from Chorus Connection is very helpful about applying for the new PPP funding.

Read Richard Jung’s GALA blog

Chorus Connection hosts a wealth of excellent blog posts

Chorus America: Covid-10 resources

National Endowment of the Arts FAQs for COVID-19 impact on applicants and awardees

Performing Arts Website: Financial Losses Calculator

ACDA Resources:  Resources for Choral Professionals During the Pandemic (


If you chorus isn’t rehearsing, this might be good timing to focus on strategic planning. GALA’s 411 Advisors can help.