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Outreach and Tours

GALA Choruses are becoming known for outreach projects in our own communities and beyond. Below you will find outreach stories and testimonials, information about touring, school outreach and plenty of templates and resources shared by our member choruses.

In planning your outreach be proactive rather than reactive. Get your members involved in brainstorming and planning where you want to perform to best fulfill your mission. This Strategy Screen can be helpful in evaluating outreach requests

Stories & Testimonials

Satellite Chorus
Harmony: A Colorado Chorale in Denver created a satellite chorus in Fort Collins. The two choirs share a director who commutes for rehearsals in each city. Concerts are performed together.

Outreach to HIV+ Women
An small group from the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus has created a musical partnership that supports HIV positive women from West Indian and other Spanish and French-speaking countries.

OUT in Our Schools
One Voice Mixed Chorus has been performing in schools for over 15 years. Check out their story and resources to help you set up your own school performance program.

Outreach Tours

The documents below can assist in organizing and planning your outreach tour.

Venue Checklist Outreach Tour
A pre-tour site visit is crucial. Use this form to track the details of each performance venue.

Tour Registration Spreadsheet
This template helps to track registration, housing groups, food requests and more

Scholarship Application
To assist with singers requests for tour scholarships.

Tour Host Organization Guidelines
Make sure you have all tour agreements in writing with your hosts.

Host Organization Evaluation Form
Follow up with each hosting organization. Their feedback important for planning future tours.

School Outreach

Several GALA Choruses current perform regular concerts and collaborations in schools. This video describes the OUT in Our Schools program designed by One Voice Mixed Chorus in Minnesota.

Guidelines for Singing with Minors
When performing with minors make sure that your adult singers read and understand your own guidelines for protecting youth and for protecting your organization.

Templates & Resources

Medical & Emergency Information

Childcare Waiver
If you have children traveling on tour with their parents they should sign a waiver.

Tips for Outreach Collaborations


Changing Our World Through Song

One Voice Mixed Chorus was recently featured in a public television documentary featuring their outreach in greater Minnesota. Watch the short 6 min version or the entire 26 min documentary.